Pricey Foundations: 9 Boards For The Pentium 4

Elitegroup P4ITA: Now Stable, And Faster [Updated]

Board revision: 1.0

Bios: not available

On view: the three voltage connectors on the motherboard.

In our last comparison, there were some problems which have since been resolved. The manufacturer quickly shipped a new board to our lab direct from Taiwan. After extensive testing, we found that the motherboard is fully functional and no longer ranks at the bottom of the pack - our new benchmark results prove this beyond doubt. A few details about the board: it has an AC'97 sound chip and a CNR slot. It also has features for setting the FSB clock and the clock multiplier: the FSB clock can be adjusted between 100 MHz and 130 MHz, while the multiplier can be set from 8.0 to 23.0. The low price for this socket 423 board (approximately $110) certainly makes it a product worth considering.

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