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Conclusion And Comparison Table

Three 1000 W 80 PLUS Gold-Certified Power Supplies Tested
By , Patrick Afschar

We had high expectations of these three tested PSUs. The lofty power ratings and 80 PLUS Gold certifications promised some genuine highlights and the devices did not disappoint when it came to high power output, which is what these devices were designed for in the first place. Unfortunately we did not receive a lot of information on the individual peak power for each 12 V rail from the PSU vendors, hence we have to stick to the plain summary that you’ll get a combined 1000 W across four to six individual 12 V rails.

However, our tests mostly highlighted some weaknesses that should not exist at the highest end. None of the three PSUs actually managed to fully live up to the 80 PLUS Gold standards. The OCZ PSU slipped up a bit in the ripple/noise measurement, Sparkle's build quality undermined its solution a bit, and the Rosewill PSU suffered from impacted energy efficiency at low loads. The bottom line is a bit disappointing, given the high price points in excess of $200, with the OCZ Z1000M scoring best.

Comparison Table

Model Name and NumberZ1000MLightning-1000GW-EPS1250DA
Recommended End User Price$205 USD
$220 USD$300 USD
Power Certification80 PLUS Gold80 PLUS Gold80 PLUS Gold
Weight2.5 Kg6.6 lbs.
5 lbs.
Operating Temperature0 - 50°C??? °C0 - 50°C
Warranty5 years3 years5 years
Power Specifications
SpecificationATX12V v2.2ATX12V v2.3ATX12V/EPS12V
Specified Output Power1000 W1000 W1250 W
Max. Peak Output1100 W1000 WNot Specified
AC Input100 - 240 V100 - 240 V100 - 240 V
AC Voltage SelectionAuto voltageAuto voltageAuto voltage
DC Output +3.3V25 A25 A30 A
DC Output +5V25 A25 A30 A
DC Output +12V (#1)83 A83 A20 A
DC Output +12V (#2)n/an/a20 A
DC Output +12V (#3)n/an/a20 A
DC Output +12V (#4)n/an/a20 A
DC Output +12V (#5)n/an/a20 A
DC Output +12V (#6)n/an/a20 A
DC Output -12V0.8 A0.5 A0.6 A
DC Power +12V Combined1000 W996 W1250 W
Specified Hold-Up Time18 ms> 16 ms≥ 17 ms
MTBF100 000 hours100 000 hours≥ 60 000 Hours 
Cooling Specifications
Main Fan135 mm140 mm140 mm
Main Fan Speed1800 rpm??? rpm2200 rpm
Secondary Fann/an/an/a
Secondary Fan Speedn/an/an/a
Connectors & Environmental
20+4 pin Motherboardx1 (55 cm)x1 (55 cm)x1 (55 cm)
CPU 8-pin/4+4-pin1/x1 (55 cm)1/x1 (55 cm)x1 (55 cm)
PCI Express 6-pin/6+2-pin (Graphics)0/x6 (55 cm)0/x6 (55 - 65 cm)x4 (55 cm)
Molex 4-pin (Peripherals)x6 (55 - 90 cm)x10 (55 - 95 cm)x9 (55 - 85 cm)
SATA Powerx12 (55 - 85 cm)x10 (55 - 95 cm)x12 (55 - 85 cm)
4-pin Floppyx2 (100 cm)x2 (105 cm)x3 (105 cm)
Product Specifics
AccessoriesScrewsScrews, Lacing CordsScrews, Velcro Strips
Cable ManagementYesYesYes
Other Details
Illuminated Fan in Red or Blue; Screw-in Cable ConnectorsC20 Power Connector
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