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Test Setup And Benchmarks

AMD Radeon HD 7730 Review: A Harbinger Of The Kaveri APU?

We're testing the Radeon HD 7730 DDR3 against a similarly-priced field, including the Radeon HD 6670 DDR3 and GeForce GT 630 GDDR5. The GDDR5-equipped 7730 goes up against the Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5 and GeForce GT 640. Also included is the Radeon HD 7750, which will tell us how much more performance you can expect for $90.

As for the tests themselves, we'll start with some compute-oriented benchmarks and move on to six contemporary game titles including Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite, and Company Of Heroes 2.

Test System
Intel Core i3-3220 (Ivy Bridge), 3.3 GHz, Hyper-Threading enabled
Asus P8Z77-V LX
LGA 1155, Chipset: Intel Z77M
On-Board Gigabit LAN controller
AMD Gamer Series Memory, 2 x 4 GB, 1866 MT/s, CL 9-9-9-34-2T
Overclocked: 2133 MT/s, CL 10-11-11-28
Sapphire Radeon HD 7730 DDR3
800 MHz GPU, 2 GB DDR3 at 900 MHz (1800 MT/s)

Sapphire Radeon HD 7730 GDDR5
800 MHz GPU, 1 GB GDDR5 at 1125 MHz (4500 MT/s)

Reference Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5
800 MHz GPU, 1 GB GDDR5 at 1000 MHz (4000 MT/s)

Gigabyte Radeon HD 6670 DDR3

800 MHz GPU, 1 GB DDR3 at 900 MHz (1600 MT/s)

Reference AMD Radeon HD 7750
800 MHz GPU, 1 GB GDDR5 at 1125 MHz (4500 MT/s)

Zotac GeForce GT 630 GDDR5
810 MHz GPU, 1 GB GDDR5 at 800 MHz (3200 MT/s)

Reference Nvidia GT 640
900 MHz GPU, 1 GB DDR3 at 891 MHz (1782 MT/s)
Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar Black 750 GB
7200 RPM, 32 MB Cache, SATA 3Gb/s
ePower EP-1200E10-T2 1200 W
Software and Drivers
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 8 Pro x64
DirectX 11
Graphics Drivers
AMD Catalyst 13.6 Beta2, Nvidia 326.19 Beta
Benchmark Configuration
3D Games
Metro: Last Light
Version, DirectX 10, Built-in Benchmark
The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimVersion, Version, 25-Sec. Fraps
Tomb Raider
Version 1.04, Custom THG Benchmark, 60-Sec. Fraps
F1 2012Version 1.2, Direct X 11, Built-in Benchmark, 60-Sec. Fraps
BioShock Infinite
Version 1.0.1441711, Built-in Benchmark, Fraps
Company Of Heroes 2
Version, Built-in Benchmark, Fraps
GPGPU Benchmarks
LuxMark v2.0
Version: 1.0.1, Entry, Performance, Extreme Suite
Version: 1.0.4, System, Productivity, Hard Disk Drive benchmarks
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