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RoboHornet Results: Windows 7 And 8

RoboHornet: The Next Big Thing In Browser Benchmarking

Windows 7

Chrome 21 proves too much for its competition under Windows 7, achieving nearly 78% above baseline. IE9 places second, just 27% behind the front-runner. For those of you who've been asking, we're including the 64-bit version of IE9 as well, though it's about 11% behind its 32-bit counterpart. Third-place finisher Opera 12 nearly ties with the 64-bit IE9 at 38% over baseline. Firefox 15 pulls up the rear, just 16% over the baseline.

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Chrome 21Chrome 21Firefox 15Firefox 15IE9 32-bitIE9 32-bitIE9 64-bitIE9 64-bitOpera 12Opera 12

Windows 8

Breaking out Windows 8 RTM for the first time in a browser comparison yields some very surprising results. Internet Explorer 10 smashes the competition, performing 37% better than even the latest version of Google's Chrome and earning the only score in this test to double the baseline. Still no slouch, Chrome 21 is far ahead of third-place finisher Opera 12, at 71% and 33% above baseline (respectively). Firefox 15 again places last.

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Chrome 21Chrome 21Firefox 15Firefox 15IE10IE10Opera 12Opera 12

So far RoboHornet has been terrible to Mozilla and great for Microsoft. Incredible results, not at all expected.

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