Run Windows On Linux: Win4Lin Revisited

Package Installation

Win4Lin Pro package installation is summarized in the following command line sequence using the RPM method. You will need to elevate privileges to begin this process:

$ su


A successful build process proceeds as depicted in the following screenshot:

You must begin the installation process from a non-root account (since Win4Lin will only permit a non-root account to run).

Guest Media Installation

Guest media installation may be summarized in this single command line invocation:

$ loadwinproCD /dev/cdrom

In this example, /dev/cdrom is a symbolic link to the real device entry: /dev/scd0, which corresponds to a Plextor SATA DVD-ROM drive. For IDE-based optical drives, this will vary according to drive entries and placement within the array of magnetic and optical drives. That's why we use /dev/cdrom in this example.

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