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webOS 3.0: Media And Documents

HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?


Music App

The native Music app in webOS operates in two panels. Once you select an album or artist, the program automatically switches to a list of individual songs.

Pictures And Videos

Photos & Videos App

The Photos & Videos app sorts pictures and videos based on the folder they’re in. When you open a picture, you can rotate the screen as you see fit. With a video, the screen locks in landscape mode with the speakers on the bottom. If you’re using the TouchPad in a different orientation, the UI controls adjust accordingly, but the video overlay is locked.

Furthermore, the TouchPad cannot play any video larger than 2 GB. We're not sure if this is a limitation of webOS 3.0 or the TouchPad. HP uses the FAT32 file system architecture, so the maximum file size should be 4 GB. But although our 2.8 GB Blu-ray rip is detected, it refuses to play in the native video player.

At first we suspected an application limitation, so we purchased Kalemsoft Media Player (the only third-party video player available for the TouchPad). Interestingly, Kalemsoft wouldn't even detect any video file larger than 2 GB.

And we know this isn’t a matter of using the right codec, because when we split our 2.8 GB Blu-ray rip into smaller files, they played back in both apps without any problem.


HP’s TouchPad comes with a Microsoft Office-like program called Quickoffice that lets you view Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets. The company says it's working on a version that will allow editing as well in webOS. It plans to offer the update as a free download for TouchPad owners, but doesn't give an estimated date for availability. Meanwhile, the versions for Apple's iPad and Android-based tablets are far more feature-complete.



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