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Asus' Press Conference: Infinity And Padfone

Mobile World Congress 2012: Nokia, Asus, Intel, Samsung, And LG

Asus started off by telling us that its Eee designation is being dropped in order to simplify its product line. So, the Eee Pad Transformer is now the Transformer Pad. But that was really just Asus' clever way of transitioning into a few cool product announcements.

The company's Transformer Pad Infinity is the first tablet powered by a Cortex A15-class SoC from Qualcomm's Snapdragon family. It's similar to the Transformer Pad and Transformer Pad Prime, but faster, and armed with LTE connectivity.

Asus Transformer Padfone Commercial@MWC 2012

The demo/commercial in the video above is for Asus' Transformer Padfone. This looks to be a very cool product. In fact, as we were sitting around, talking to our Italian and German colleagues, this was one piece of hardware unanimously anticipated amongst the group. Asus really seems to be taking the idea of convergence a step further. Basically, this is a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon-powered smartphone and tablet that come together, literally converging. Remember, though, that Asus' Transformers can dock, potentially extending the phone's life by up to nine times. Perhaps the coolest part, though, is a connection to a Bluetooth-enabled headset. Although it looks and works like a stylus, you can also pick it up and use it like a phone. Just touch it to the side of your face and talk. Finish your phone call and go back to using it like a stylus.

If Asus' plans go off without a hitch, this could be one of the hottest products in 2012, and company representatives tell us that it should hit shelves in April. We're keeping our eyes out for this one.

Asus Press Conference Part 1 @ MWC 2012

Asus Press Conference Part 2 @ MWC 2012

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