Mobile World Congress 2012: Nokia, Asus, Intel, Samsung, And LG

Asus' Press Conference: Infinity And Padfone

Asus started off by telling us that its Eee designation is being dropped in order to simplify its product line. So, the Eee Pad Transformer is now the Transformer Pad. But that was really just Asus' clever way of transitioning into a few cool product announcements.

The company's Transformer Pad Infinity is the first tablet powered by a Cortex A15-class SoC from Qualcomm's Snapdragon family. It's similar to the Transformer Pad and Transformer Pad Prime, but faster, and armed with LTE connectivity.

The demo/commercial in the video above is for Asus' Transformer Padfone. This looks to be a very cool product. In fact, as we were sitting around, talking to our Italian and German colleagues, this was one piece of hardware unanimously anticipated amongst the group. Asus really seems to be taking the idea of convergence a step further. Basically, this is a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon-powered smartphone and tablet that come together, literally converging. Remember, though, that Asus' Transformers can dock, potentially extending the phone's life by up to nine times. Perhaps the coolest part, though, is a connection to a Bluetooth-enabled headset. Although it looks and works like a stylus, you can also pick it up and use it like a phone. Just touch it to the side of your face and talk. Finish your phone call and go back to using it like a stylus.

If Asus' plans go off without a hitch, this could be one of the hottest products in 2012, and company representatives tell us that it should hit shelves in April. We're keeping our eyes out for this one.

  • Bloob
    "Interestingly, Nokia isn't completely dropping its Symbian-based products. Instead, it's launching the Asha 203, 202, and 302."

    S40 has nothing to do with Symbian.
  • acku
    9527864 said:
    "Interestingly, Nokia isn't completely dropping its Symbian-based products. Instead, it's launching the Asha 203, 202, and 302."

    S40 has nothing to do with Symbian.

    You're right its not strictly Symbian but it comes from that heritage line. I'll make that clarification. Thanks for the heads up!

    Andrew Ku
  • JPForums
    I guess I'm going to have to see the "TrueHD" IPS screen in person, because these pictures certainly don't help their case. It's true AMOLED is at a disadvantage in resolution, but rather than over-saturated, these pictures make the "TrueHD" screen look slightly washed out.

    Comparing the purple shoes:
    The white trim is clearly defined against an off-white material on the AMOLED screen.
    The white trim tends to fade into the off-white material leaving a less clear outline on the TrueHD screen.
    I'd need to see the original image to pass judgement, but most similar shoes I've seen have a clear contrast between trim and the material it is set on.

    Comparing the faces:
    On the AMOLED screen, the whites in the shirt and eyes are white with perhaps a tinge of blue. The background is a very light gray. There is a clear contrast between the hair and the background. Freckles on the face are clearly defined. The eye color looks correct. There is a slightly red hue to the skin and lips.
    On the TrueHD screen, the shirt strap is white, the white in the eyes has a little yellow in it. The background is white. The boarder between the hair and the background is fuzzy. The freckles and areas of the hair look as if there was a smoothing filter applied. The eyes appear to have an slight yellow undertone. The lips are less red.
    Again, I'd have to see the source photo to pass final judgement. I'm admittedly biased on this one as I know someone who looks very similar and her skin tone is only slightly less red than the AMOLED image. The TrueHD image seems a little yellowed and very slightly smoothed and/or washed out.
  • Bloob
    Now it reads:
    "Interestingly, Nokia isn't completely dropping its S40-based products. Instead, it's launching the Asha 203, 202, and 302. These phones are aimed at users who don't really need premium features, but still want basic online connectivity."

    Which isn't that interesting after realizing that the S40 and S30 phones are the best selling phones in the world. I'm coming off as an ass here, but it is what it is.

    S40 and S30 are based on Nokia OS, and although they might share some past with Symbian ( not sure if they do ), they are a totally different branch.
    Nokia is the best of the best in my openion correct me if i am wrong