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Swinging Through Samsung's Booth

Mobile World Congress 2012: Nokia, Asus, Intel, Samsung, And LG

Galaxy Note 10.1"

Although we were tied up in press conferences and briefings for most of the day, we had a little bit of time to swing by a handful of booths. We were really impressed by Samsung's Galaxy Tab when we first got the opportunity to test its SuperPLS display. The company's newest toy is the Galaxy Note 10.1, which offers the same awesome display technology. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is a larger version of the 7" model that was shown off at CES. Both employ a Wacom digitizer with a pressure-sensitive stylus.

Don't expect the Note line-up to replace the Tabs. They are meant to coexist. The Notes are really intended for folks interested in content creation.

Galaxy Beam

Samsung is still doing well with its Galaxy S II and Nexus smartphones. HTC's One and Nokia's flagship Lumia 900 aren't yet available worldwide, so there's little reason for Samsung to rush into another product launch. Until then, expect to see more products that cleverly showcase technology in unconventional ways. Enter the Galaxy Beam.

The Beam's gimmick is that it lets you project whatever's on the phone's screen. Consider it a cool toy for multimedia buffs who love the idea of carrying around entertainment that doesn't need to be constrained to a small phone display.

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