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Benchmark Results: Applications

Does Size Matter? Four Very Small Nettops Get Reviewed

When it comes to Web browsing, ASRock's Vision HT maintains first place. But the Celeron G540 in Jetway’s Mini-Top soars past the E-450 and Atom D2700 processors.

Data decryption is extremely processor-dependent, and the spread between contenders reflects the way we'd expect a demanding metric to finish. Even at 2.13 GHz, Intel's Atom D2700 struggles against AMD's 1.65 GHz E-450.

PCMark 7's 2D graphics rendering results mirror what we've seen several times already, reflecting the strength of ASRock's hardware, followed by our self-built Jetway machine, and trailed by the Zbox and Q180.

MediaEspresso is optimized for Intel's Quick Sync technology, which only our ASRock-based platform supports. Notice how fast that machine wraps up its workload.

We also benchmarked Jetway’s Mini-Top twice: once with Quick Sync turned on and once off. Although this feature is supposed to be disable on the Celeron, it was available for testing, and our performance numbers do reflect different results. Regardless, the Mini-Top will take a Quick Sync-enabled chip officially if you can get your hands on a T-series CPU.

Finally, note that Intel's Atom D2700 surpasses the E-450 in this discipline.

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