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Page Load Time

Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 20, Opera 12, Firefox 13

The page load time tests are the same eight pages in our startup time tests: Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, craigslist, eBay, and Wikipedia.

Composite Scoring

Composite scores are achieved by averaging the uncached and cached page load times for all eight test pages.

IE9 takes the lead in page load time with an average of just 0.88 seconds. Close behind in second place is Apple Safari at just under 0.9 seconds. Chrome places third, with Firefox in tow at 0.95 seconds. Opera is the only browser to average more than one-second page loads, falling into last place.

Drill Down

The charts below contain theĀ  average uncached and cached page load time for each test page.


Opera demonstrates a peculiar cached loading time for Amazon, which does not manifest when loading the page uncached. This, combined with its slow times for eBay and The Huffington Post cement its last-place finish. The WebKit duo, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, have the quickest average cached page loads, while IE9 has the best average uncached times.

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