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HTML5 Performance

Web Browser Grand Prix: Chrome 20, Opera 12, Firefox 13

Composite Scoring

The HTML5 composite is the average frames per second score from GUIMark 2 HTML5, Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D and JavaScript, and the HTML5 Canvas Performance Test.

Internet Explorer 9 sweeps the field with an average of 137 frames per second thanks to the additional canvas test. Firefox comes in second place, followed by Chrome in third. Safari is in fourth place and Opera brings up the rear with 51 FPS.

Drill Down

The charts below contain the results of the individual HTML5 benchmarks.

GUIMark 2 HTML5GUIMark 2 HTML5Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D & JavaScriptAsteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D & JavaScriptHTML5 Canvas Performance TestHTML5 Canvas Performance Test

The benchmarks indicate that IE9 is very strong in HTML5 canvas, while Opera 12 consistently performs behind the curve in all HTML5 testing.

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