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Dell - Page 3


reviews - APRIL 9 108

Windows 8 is unquestionably intended to create consistency between consoles, tablets, phones, and the PC. But the desktop world is still largely without touch input. Can Dell's XPS One 27 make the Windows 8...

news - APRIL 8 16

Dell is exploring numerous tablet sizes, but the first wave will likely be 10 inches and larger.

news - APRIL 2 67

Dell needs to shift as sales of traditional desktops and laptops continue to fall.

news - MARCH 29 9

Dell has confirmed two alternative acquisition proposals.

news - MARCH 17 21

Dell is looking to cut corners by requesting better prices on components.

news - MARCH 6 21

Even growth in emerging markets in slowing down for desktops.

news - MARCH 4 11

Microsoft's device received lowest score of 1 out of 10.

news - FEBRUARY 21 3

Firm recently went private in $24.4 billion deal.

news - FEBRUARY 11 8

Key investors said to be dissatisfied with deal.

news - FEBRUARY 8 14

Michael Dell issued an open letter to customers.

news - FEBRUARY 7 8

The details are in Wednesday's SEC filing.

news - FEBRUARY 7 30

Microsoft's investment in Dell could be a sign that both the PC and Windows are becoming irrelevant.

news - FEBRUARY 6 10

Dell has added two 1080p models to its XPS 13 Ultrabook line.

news - FEBRUARY 6 19

Michael Dell didn't expect to see businesses adopts tablets instead of PCs so quickly.

news - FEBRUARY 5 26

HP is going to take advantage of a vulnerable Dell as the rival moves to go private.

news - FEBRUARY 5 16

Dell is back in the hands of Michael Dell, nearly 25 years after going public.

news - FEBRUARY 5 2

Could Dell's buyout be announced today?

news - FEBRUARY 1 9

An announcement detailing the Dell buyout may be released on Monday.

news - FEBRUARY 1 20

Dell wants to take control of Dell.

news - JANUARY 31 19

Microsoft has reached a "sticking point" in the leveraged buyout negotiations with Dell.

news - JANUARY 25 45

Bring the Dell Dude back, says actor Ben Curtis.

news - JANUARY 23 17

Microsoft may invest up to $3 billion in Dell to help to company go private.

news - JANUARY 21 44

Following some indicators such as flat hard drive shipments from Seagate, Gartner said that global PC shipments declined year over year in the fourth quarter of 2012.

news - JANUARY 18 3

HP has no plans to sell its core assets.

news - JANUARY 17 11

Dell is reportedly interested in accepting a management buyout offer at a price of $13 to $14 per share, which would put the purchase price of the company into a range of $22 to $25 billion.

news - JANUARY 15 13

Dell has seen its share price jump by more than 20 percent on speculation that the company may be in negotiations to be bought out by a private equity firm.