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Gigabyte - Page 3


news - MAY 31 10

Gigabyte seems to have accidentally let the product page of the GTX 770 go live.

news - MAY 30 3

A trio of new value-oriented motherboards from Gigabyte have been unveiled.

news - MAY 24 15

Nvidia's new flagship graphics card, the GTX 780, is available from a wide range of manufacturers, most of which have made no changes to the reference design.

news - MAY 23 10

More details have surfaced regarding three of Gigabyte's Z87 based motherboards.

news - MAY 11 31

More details of Gigabyte's GA-Z87X-OC have surfaced as the folks over at PCWorld have managed to get a hold of one.

news - MAY 6 7

Gigabyte has teased a high-resolution (at least 1920 x 1080) and customizable UEFI BIOS for its upcoming "Haswell" motherboards.

news - MAY 2 11

More details have come to light regarding Gigabyte's flagship Z87 motherboards

news - APRIL 26 30

Three more manufacturers have released their HD 7990 graphics cards. Unsurprisingly, it's more of the same.

news - APRIL 24 5

Gigabyte changes the PCB design of the GTX Titan without changing it.

news - APRIL 22 13

Some teasers have surfaced of Gigabyte's upcoming Z87 G1-Killer Motherboard.

news - APRIL 18 18

Asus is no longer the biggest graphics cards manufacturer, and has been overtaken by Palit and PC Partner.

news - APRIL 18 27

Gigabyte is right behind Asus in motherboard sales, although Asus still leads with profit margins due to the high-end segment.

news - APRIL 11 1

Gigabyte's Aivia Neon mouse combines the functionality of an air-presenter and a mouse "in an ergonomic and wireless package."

reviews - APRIL 2 87

AMD’s flagship FX-series processors squarely target enthusiasts with sub-$1,000 system budgets, and it's hard to get there with an expensive motherboard. We requested every vendor's top-value solution, and...

news - APRIL 1 2

Gigabyte will be announcing "innovative gaming and tech life products" during its 2013 New Idea Tour.

news - MARCH 30 12

The GeForce GTX 650 Ti is currently available in a variety of configurations from a wide range of manufacturers.

news - MARCH 29 12

Following its release last week, the AMD Radeon HD7790 graphics card is available from a wide variety of manufacturers with a range of coolers and clock speeds.

news - MARCH 18 4

Gigabyte has launched its new Luxo K10 case, which is almost identical to its IF 400 brother.

news - MARCH 17 4

Gigabyte's open overclocking contest is focused on FutureMark's 3DMark suite and AMD's Bulldozer and Trinity Chips.

news - MARCH 15 8

Gigabyte's IF 400 chassis looks to be well suited for gaming and enthusiast builds.

news - MARCH 15 7

The mini-ITX motherboard is intended for entry-level desktops.

reviews - MARCH 11 77

So you like our System Builder Marathon? Ever come up with your own idea for a killer rig? Don't forget to tell us about it on the Tom's Hardware forums. The following ten setups were configured by forum...

news - MARCH 10 31

Gigabyte's first LGA1150 motherboard is still in development, but already boasts an impressive set of features.

reviews - MARCH 7 108

Informed buyers are always looking for more information, and we were fortunate enough to plan for some of those requests. Today’s build adds quietness, storage capacity, and extra gaming finesse to the parts...

news - FEBRUARY 22 31

Various manufacturers including Asus, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac have released their Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan cards.

news - FEBRUARY 21 11

It's not Gigabyte's new thin mini-ITX boards that are interesting, what's interesting is the fact that Gigabyte is using these as an entry to the new and evolving market of thin form factor PCs.