Gigabyte now offers three-year warranty for its entire QD-OLED monitor range

Aorus F032U2P Monitor with DisplayPort 2.1 and UHBR20 Support and dual-resolution toggle
(Image credit: Aorus via Youtube)

According to a press release cited by TechPowerUp, Gigabyte is now offering an 'enhanced three-year warranty' for its entire range of QD-OLED monitors. Like Asus and MSI's burn-in warranty policy, Gigabyte will honor a three-year warranty for its entire lineup of QD-OLED monitors. We've yet to feature a Gigabyte monitor in our list of the Best 4K Gaming Monitors, but who knows, this may change in 2024.

At the time of writing, Gigabyte has a few QD-OLED monitors in different sizes and resolutions. The new warranty includes the CO49DQ, FO32U2P, FO32U2, FO27Q3, MO34WQC, and MO34WQC2 models. The Aorus FO27Q3 is the smallest at 27 inches and features a 1440p resolution with a 360 Hz refresh rate. At the top end is the Aorus FO32U2P 32-inch monitor with a 4K resolution and 240Hz refresh rate with DisplayPort 2.1. 

It's hardly surprising that we see more companies honoring warranties for burn-in issues, as many OLED monitors are susceptible to this form of damage. Now that Gigabyte has followed Asus and MSI, we may soon see other monitor brands follow suit. 

Other countermeasures for Burn-In issues

Apart from extended warranty support, respective companies have provided firmware updates and OSD features to prevent burn-in. Gigabyte claimed it uses AI to prevent burn-in. The AI-based algorithms provide a series of OLED protection technologies, dubbed "OLED Care," to reduce the likelihood of static images damaging your expensive OLED screen.

OLED panels are being implemented in many devices, including portable gaming systems, smartphones, notebooks, TVs, and desktop monitors. Specialized warranty coverage is always appreciated but prevention is better than cure. 

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