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Power Supplies - Page 2


Power supplies are responsible for feeding clean, stable juice to the sensitive components inside your PC. Calling it one of the most important components you'll buy is not an overstatement. The Tom's Hardware team can help you find the right PSU to keep your system running reliably all day long.

news - FEBRUARY 25 6

DeepCool has announced two new PSUs.

news - FEBRUARY 17 4

be quiet!'s new PSUs are small, yet should provide plenty of juice for more powerful HTPCs.

news - FEBRUARY 15 4

Sharkoon has announced a new budget-oriented power supply.

news - JANUARY 7 7

Corsair announces follow on to 2012's AX1200i.

news - NOVEMBER 27 9

Club3D announces two 80 Plus Gold PSUs, one of which can deliver up to 1000 W.

news - NOVEMBER 15 12

Corsair has revealed a new line of modular energy efficient power supplies that combine reliability with affordability.

news - OCTOBER 16 1

SilverStone has announced a number of new high-power 80 Plus Gold Certified power supplies.

news - OCTOBER 8 4

Cooler Master is unleashing its GXII Series PSUs.

news - OCTOBER 3 7

Enermax's Revolution X't series of PSUs offer a fully modular design, an 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification and compatibility with Intel's 4th Generation CPUs.

news - SEPTEMBER 30 15

Cooler Master's new range of VS Series PSUs were designed to offer improved efficiency and increased heat dissipation.

news - SEPTEMBER 29 15

These new power supplies light up your gaming rig.

news - SEPTEMBER 21 60

Great Wall, a Chinese manufacturer, has released its two-kilowatt power supply.

news - SEPTEMBER 18 1

Lepa has announced three new series of power supplies.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 10

Out with the old, in with the new.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 15

Thermaltake has announced a new PSU lineup with an interesting software package to accompany it.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 3

EVGA's latest budget PSU is here!

news - AUGUST 30 4

Be Quiet! has released a new series of power supplies, some of which have very interesting cooling features.

reviews - AUGUST 29 57

Ready for part two of our low-cost power supply round-up? Here are four more products, including Seasonic's SSR-360GP, which is 80 PLUS Gold-certified. Is this little 360 W PSU the bargain of the century, or is...

reviews - AUGUST 28 56

Power supply manufacturers condition us to think that efficiency is the one variable you need to pay the most attention to. But we have a suite of tests that more thoroughly taxes PSUs. Can these four...

news - AUGUST 23 6

The EVGA SuperNova P2 PSU offers a fully modular design, 1000 W of continuous power, an 80 Plus Platinum rating, and is backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

news - AUGUST 22 8

Antec has released two new power supplies intended for use by gamers.

news - AUGUST 11 2

Nexus has announced its new RX-8500 2013 edition PSU.

news - AUGUST 4 13

FSP has released its full list of power supply units that are compatible with Intel’s 4th Generation “Haswell” processors.

news - JULY 19 7

Cooler Master is rolling out two new Silent Pro Gold power supplies, a 450 W unit and a 550 W unit.

news - JULY 11 7

Cooler Master has released a new budget lineup of power supplies, the G-Series.

news - JULY 6 6

Super Flower has announced that all of its power supplies now feature warranties of up to five years.

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