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Power Supplies - Page 5


Power supplies are responsible for feeding clean, stable juice to the sensitive components inside your PC. Calling it one of the most important components you'll buy is not an overstatement. The Tom's Hardware team can help you find the right PSU to keep your system running reliably all day long.

news - NOVEMBER 13 22

XFX has added three new power supplies to its ProSeries line, which was first introduced over a year ago. The ProSeries 1050W and 1250W offer an 80Plus Gold rating, while the 1000W is 80Plus Platinum rated.

news - NOVEMBER 12 18

OCZ has released the new Silencer Mk III series power supplies from its subsidiary PC Power & Cooling. the new Silencer Mk III builds upon the tradition of the Silencer series offered by OCZ Technology

news - OCTOBER 5 21

Cooler Master has revealed its new line of power supplies, the Silent Pro Hybrid series, which is fully modular and comes with a fan controller for the PSU and up to three system fans.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 94

Is this an obvious way to improve PSUs?

reviews - SEPTEMBER 7 101

How does a power supply work? Why is it important to choose a sufficiently powerful and efficient model? We guide you through discussions of efficiency and tips for getting the best deal before we go on to...

news - JUNE 4 33

More power to Seasonic this fall.

news - JUNE 2 14

1200 W enough for you?

reviews - MAY 19 51

Gamers and enthusiasts are always on the lookout for crème de la crème hardware. It's easy to pick winning CPUs and graphics cards; less so for PSUs. We put four 80 PLUS Gold devices from Antec, FSP,...

news - MAY 12 12

Samsung revealed a solar-powered netbook during the Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi.

reviews - MAY 6 170

We purchased a few interesting PSUs through a few dubious online vendors, among then an "extremely quiet" 500 W model for less than $30. That’s a tempting offer, but our test of three different units proves...

news - APRIL 26 100

Retweet @TomsHardware to win nearly $850 in hardware!

reviews - MARCH 9 27

Battery life is always such a big deal in our mobile coverage (often because gaming systems fall so short). But don't feel limited by the built-in power source. Today we round up 15 external batteries that can...

reviews - FEBRUARY 11 52

We received a trio of 1000 W power supplies priced between $200 and $300, so we ran them through our usual suite of tests to see if they really live up to their 80 PLUS Gold certifications. Surprisingly, all...

news - FEBRUARY 11 17

IBM and Samsung have agreed on a patent cross-licensing deal under which the companies are licensing their "respective" patent portfolios to each other.

news - JANUARY 9 12

CoolIT's partnership with Corsair gives total control over the PC.

reviews - DECEMBER 30 103

Gamers demand a lot from their computers, starting with the PSU. Therefore, almost every PSU manufacturer sells products optimized for gaming PCs. We introduce ripple and noise testing in this roundup to...

news - DECEMBER 19 21

Could this limit what you take with you on holidays?

news - DECEMBER 10 155

Tom’s Hardware/MSI : Operation Las Vegas and 3DMark11 giveaway!

news - DECEMBER 3 11

During the course of 2010, we've updated our Charts section several times to bring existing categories up to date and add a number of others. Check out the CPUs, coolers, PSUs, USB thumb drives, SSDs, and NAS...

reviews - NOVEMBER 15 65

It's downright negligent to ignore the power needs of your high-end hardware. While many power users go to the trouble of tracking down solid PSUs, we recommend going a step further and investing in battery...

reviews - NOVEMBER 12 102

Did you think all power supplies were manufactured by the brand selling them? We show you what makes a good PSU and reveal who actually builds PSUs. You can actually find lots of quality, instead of just scrap...

reviews - OCTOBER 6 70

In our last power supply article, we reviewed several relatively expensive, high-performance products suitable for powerful gaming PCs and workstations. This time around, we're looking at something a little bit...

news - SEPTEMBER 24 20

Tomorrow, Gigabyte will crown a worldwide overclocking king for 2010. Here's how the company will choose the winner.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 48

During the course of 2010, we've updated our Charts section several times to bring existing categories up to date and add a number of others. Check out the CPUs, coolers, graphics cards, USB thumb drives, SSDs,...

reviews - SEPTEMBER 16 32

You probably know Corsair best for its memory products, power supplies, and SSDs. But now the company is jumping into the crowded headset market with an unassuming entry that’s both affordable and capable of...

news - JULY 10 35

Just what I needed for my yacht.

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