Maker Uses Raspberry Pi to "Unbrick" $2000 Stationary Bike

(Image credit: ptx2)

Stationary bikes are a good way to keep up with exercise while stuck at home. But what happens when your bike manufacturer drops support for their fitness app? After Flywheel Sports recently shut down their cycling app support, one maker not only solved the issue with the help of a Raspberry Pi but shared the solution for anyone else in the same boat. You don't even need a powerful model; the Raspberry Pi Zero will do just fine.

The original app provided not only online classes and virtual courses to explore, but also real-time feedback about your current performance. While you can get plenty of exercise on the stationary bike as-is, much of the appeal comes with the benefits and features provided by the app.

According to the blog post shared on ptx2, the biggest goal was to create cross-compatibility with various cycling apps using the Raspberry Pi. So far, the dev was able to create support for Zwift and would like to see future support for apps like Rouvy or TrainerRoad.

If you want to learn more about the development of this project, check out the full post. You can also explore the final code in GitHub. Be sure to follow ptx2 on their official website for future updates.

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  • recycledelectrons
    I can imagine the conversation...

    CFO: Are we going to brick a $2,000 internet connected bike? People would have to be stupid not to sue us.

    CEO: Well, they did buy a $2,000 stationary bike.

    CFO: You're saying they're all stupid.

    CEO: If the bike fits...