VOTW: Dungeons & Dragons on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft doesn't talk much about its Surface touchscreen table. Figuring out fun things to do with the tabletop computer may not be high up on Microsoft's list of priorities but there are plenty of people out there willing to tinker about the massive gadget and discover new uses for it.

Cnet's Matt Hickey reports that a group of students with Carnegie Mellon's SurfaceScapes team had been developing D&D for the Surface and went along to let's-show-Microsoft-what-we-made event.

Hickey writes:

"The figurines--optional in regular D&D but great tools here--are "tagged" with dot codes on the bottom. The Surface is able to use its tiny cameras to view these unique codes and determine which character is where on the game grid. This means the game can automatically determine line-of-fire angles and keep track of enemy health."

The Carnegie Mellon team is working with D&D owner Wizards of the Coast in an attempt to commercialize their product. Microsoft Surface rep Eric Havir says if things work out, he hopes to see Surface devices running the completed software in gaming centers and shops across the country.

Check the video below. 

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