AMD: We're Launching an Atom Killer in 2010

Digitimes this week reports that AMD CEO, Dirk Meyer has revealed the company is currently developing a platform that features lower-power, smaller-sizes, more complete functionality, and a cheaper price than Intel's Atom for netbooks, with an expected delivery date for samples set for 2010.

Nvidia last week announced a list of 20 ‘Ion Partners’ who would be debuting products running on the chip at Computex. With Tegra taking care of MIDs for Nvidia and Intel’s plans to bring the Atom to handheld devices, we can’t help but feel AMD is a tad behind the times with this one. That said, according to Digitimes, Meyer emphasized that products based on the company's newest platform will be notebooks as opposed to netbooks. Meyer says he believes the term "netbook" will soon become obsolete as the quality of ultra portable, low-end computers improve.

At Computex, Intel was all about mobility and Atom products, particularly in NAS products and home theater products. It will be interesting to see what Intel has on hand for the 2010 year.

Check out the full story here.

  • Kill@dor
    AMD should know by now that by the time they roll that out, Intel will already have something better to offer. But i hope they can deliver something that can top Intel for a while at least...

  • Ciuy
    AMD always bringing good producs and cheaper but ALWAY a bit late.

    AMD must be lagging ...
  • tenor77
    If they want it to be an Atom killer they should call it the particle accelerator
  • deltatux
    agreed, I think netbooks are just overpriced for what they do. They do less than a notebook, but cost just the same as a higher performing but lower-end laptop.

    Netbooks to me are still a fad and I don't think AMD is really losing much out of this fad.
  • megamanx00
    Well, the good thing for AMD is that Intel paired atom with a crappy chipset, though taking advantage of that means competing with ION. If AMD can offer a platform that has more GPU power, more CPU power, and uses less power overall than the NVIDIA ION platform, then they will have a winner.
  • thedipper
    Beating ION?

    I think "780G" is all that needs to be said.

    AMD is completely capable of making a chipset that can trash everyone else in the power
  • hixbot
    Via already released an Atom killer. Yet we've seen very little of it. I want a NANO paired with an ION chipset. Hopefully Zotac will release one soon.
  • thedipper
    Damn you, tom's. Damn your broken comment system.

    Continuing, AMD is completely capable of making a chipset that can trash everyone else in the power saving/low cost/high performance market.
  • Honis
    Didn't Toms do a review of a low powered AMD Semperon (sp?) and and atom?

    Didn't the AMD device out perform at a slightly higher power cost? And didn't Toms decide the Atom only won because it was all integrated as apposed to being a mini mobo/cpu/video card combo saving on the power costs?

    Sorry just remembering out loud here...
  • norbs
    LOL, the title is a little comical... I hate when any company calls it's product a killer of another product. It's almost setting itself up for failure. First off; the atom is not exactly a powerhouse and secondly even if it is better then the atom for power consumption and performance who cares, it's been how long since intel released the atom?

    It's like the guy that gets made fun of and then he comes back to you a day later with a good comeback... no one cares...

    On the bright side, yes, competition is a good thing but i'm tired of hearing about iPhone killers and now intel atom killers ZOMG!!