AMD To Update Its Low-power CPU Lineup


AMD is planning to launch several low-power triple-core and quad-core CPUs during the second half of 2008 all featuring a TDP of 65W, according to sources at motherboard makers. Two low-power triple-core Phenom CPUs - X3 8250e and 8450e - will feature core frequencies of 1.9GHz and 2.1GHz, respectively, and both include an L2 cache of 1.5MB and L3 cache of 2MB.

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  • Pei-chen
    AMD needs to cut down on processor idle power consumption.
  • AMD needs to hire some real sales and marketing people! low power desktop multicore? You think the people buying quad's and tri's are thinking 95Watt is just way too much, but now I can get a much LOWER speed and get to prayers have been answered. By the way can I get that with in a crossfire setup?

    At what point do people start to realize that a 1.9GHz tri-core will be similar to a 2.6 or 2.7GHz dual core (with likely similar power) and far worse on applications that do not scale with more than 2 core.
  • I
    AMD needs to throw more parties with exotic dancers, free beer, and of course invite me to all of them. What do I care which CPU my system is running if it's at home turned off producing 2W in S5 state but I'm out getting a happy hour lapdance?