Report: AMD FX-9000 Series CPUs Priced

Last week we saw AMD releasing two FX-9000 series processors, one of which would run up to a staggering 5.0 GHz, the FX-9590. The other chip, the FX-9370, would run at speeds up to 4.7 GHz. Both of the chips are also said to have a whopping TDP of around 220 W. The chips would also have base clock speeds of 4.7 GHz and 4.4 GHz for the FX-9590 and the FX-9370, respectively.

Now, though, some more information has surfaced regarding the chip's pricing. CPU-World claims that the FX-9590 was listed at PCSuperStore for a hefty $920.31, and the FX-9370 was listed for $576.27. Both of the chips would come as boxed versions, though would not include cooling equipment. This shouldn't come as a surprise considering that the standard boxed cooler that AMD provides was only designed to cool (presumably) CPUs with a TDP of up to 125 W.

Do note, though, that AMD has yet to release any official word on pricing, and that at the time of writing the listings have already been taken down. AMD did mention that the chips would be coming out sometime this summer for system integrators. Sadly, it is possible that the chips won't even be available directly through retail channels.

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  • Benthon
    Sadly? Only a few people would buy an 8350 that's been overclocked for 5x the price. This is more pointless than the $1000 intel processors.
  • Azn Cracker
    they better be hella fast
  • bjaminnyc
    AMD typically does very well in price v performance. It would be pretty exciting if the 9000 series actually held their own in their respective price ranges.