AMD Tells Girls How to Attract a Geeky Boyfriend

Though one could argue that finding a geeky guy to date isn't all that difficult (hang out at GameStop or your local Games Workshop and you'll find yourself overrun with possibilities), actually hanging on to a geeky guy is another story. AMD believes geeky guys won't be entertained by someone who doesn't share an interest in his hobbies and wants to help women who are having trouble snagging themselves a man-nerd

In a posting published on the AMD company blog, Leslie Sobon, Corporate VP of Product Marketing, tells us how to get a geek boyfriend in five easy lessons.

The first is to learn to talk nerd. According to Sobon, if you don't know the difference between CPU, GPU, Flash memory, BIOS and LAN, you can forget about that Star Wars themed wedding you've been dreaming about.

The second point is similar to my advice, which is to hang out at nerd hotspots, though Sobon takes it a step further and suggests you go to the really nerdy places, like QuakeCon, overclocking events and LAN parties.

Third, you're going to want to find a few standard 'would you rather' type questions, such as 'AMD or Intel,' 'Nvidia or ATI' and 'Xbox or PS3.' Leslie suggests these:

  • What will win, X86 or ARM?
  • What’s more important in the PC – the CPU or GPU?
  • Is 3D just a niche?

If you can't find yourself getting excited over shiny new MP3 players, DSes, or the latest Android tablet (depressing, but these people do exist), you're going to have to start watching lots of movies, playing a lot of games or listening to more/different music. Leslie says she has yet to find a geek who hasn't loved at least one of those three things, so if you can't handle gadgets, you'll have to start watching sci fi and playing more than just Angry Birds.

Lastly, Leslie wants you to be prepared to date someone with a poor fashion sense. However, she warns that you should wait until you've locked him in before you start acting like his mammy and picking his clothes for him.

"Most geeks don’t wear pants. They wear jeans or shorts. Just get over it and wait for the ring to diversify his wardrobe," she writes. "But if flip flops are non-negotiable, I understand."

If Leslie's advice seems like a crock, or you feel like you're giving up too much only to be demoted to "sammich-maker" during late-night StarCraft II marathons, take it from a lady-geek in the know: there are geeks out there who don't mind dating people who have their own, separate hobbies and interests. Mechanics don't only date mechanics, and hair stylists aren't desperate to bag themselves a barber. We geeks are no different. Sure, falling in love with a girl gamer would be nice, but the only thing worse than a girl who hates gaming is a girl who says stuff like, "Oh yeah, I love to play Call of Warfare all day long. I started playing after I got sick of that John Raynor guy and his Red Alerts."

Then again, that's just my opinion as a woman. Tell me, do you have certain, geeky requirements for the men or women you date, or will you accept anything as long as they don't act like they have two brain cells huddling together for warmth?

Source: AMD

  • wintermint
    The pic is very distracting :( can't read article D:
  • wolfram23
    Well, I guess that might be good advice to get a very very geeky guy. I'm quite the geek but most of that seems ridiculous to me. Enjoy gaming, have basic PC knowledge, and don't be a dumbass. Done!
  • restatement3dofted
    I was unaware that there are throngs of girls out there who are desperately looking for geek-love (especially girls that are far enough away from "geeks" that they need lessons on how to be more "geek-like"). Either times are changing, or I'm really missing something.
  • Trueno07
    wintermintThe pic is very distracting :) can't read article :)
  • icepick314
    I thought it was other way around where geeks are having hard time even TRYING to talk to females...
  • Benihana
    wintermintThe pic is very distracting can't read article D:Lol! I think the pic is the "TL;DR" version.
  • ta152h
    First of all, nothing says hello like a nice rack. Geek or not.

    I was never a prototypical geek at all, but I didn't really care if a girl played games or not, so long as she didn't have a big problem with me enjoying them. I can say without any doubt, there's no woman who could hold my interest as long as a game of Civilization, or Panzer General, and so long as she understood this was nothing negative about her, the part about being a geek was never an issue.

    But, I'd never date a woman who didn't like animals. They're generally selfish and unsupportive. How they relate to computers is a matter of profound indifference to me.
  • XZaapryca
    Women having a hard time picking up nerds? What the hell?!? Is today some kind of weird Opposite Day or something? I think the biggest problem is the ratio of nerd-boys to nerd-girls. Then there's the ratio of hot-nerd-girls to the holy-cow-kill-it-with-fire-nerd-girls. The whole article is unbelievable. Generic advice for an invented problem.
  • SneakySnake
    Instead of making me sandwiches all the time they should be able to make me pc's quite frequently as well!
  • I'm with Wolfram23. It's really not as complicated as Ms. Sobon makes it out to be. Gaming is a must, because most geeks spend a lot of time gaming, and and acceptable level of intelligence are all that's needed (not necessarily including a technological affinity.)

    Personally I'd like to know why a non-geek is seeking out a geek in the first place. If it's based on some stereotypical notion of relationship security, that's not gonna fly.