AMD Has An Ace Up Its Sleeve


Taipei (Taiwan) - AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors. Six "hidden pins" on the processors and chipsets are the secret, which, our sources told us, will enable simple overclocking through the southbridge - and accelerate the current processors on demand.

The name of the game is called "unlocking the multiplier", which will be played with the SB700 and SB750 southbridge chips. If you are running an upcoming 2.8 GHz Black Edition CPU, a motherboard with the old SB600 model (RD690) will keep the processor cores operating at 2.8 GHz. However, if you have a motherboard with the SB700 chipset, you will receive a free upgrade to 3.0 GHz. And if you get a motherboard with a SB750 chip, your processor will run at 3.2 GHz, which matches the clock speed of the Athlon X2 6400+ - the highest clocked processor AMD ever offerred.

We have seen motherboards with 780G, 790FX and 790GX chipsets in ATX and mATX form factors, which all support this feature. Now it is up to AMD to execute and deliver a compelling user processor.

The actual overclocking is done either through the BIOS, a utility, or simply by pressing a physical button on certain motherboards. The release date of this technology is unknown, but we know that it will be available in time for the 790GX launch.

There you have it: An overclocking feature for AMD CPUs. It just does not get any more better than this. Now we just need to know how this overclocking feature will compare to Intel’s processors, how power consumption and heat dissipation will be affected and what that all means for AMD’s balanced platform marketing pitch.

  • wtf, this make no sense at all? are you on drug or something?
  • SEALBoy
    I'm still trying to make sense of this article...
  • mr roboto
    Huh? A physical button on your motherboard? Seriously re-write the article for human comprehension.
  • zenmaster
    Ummm, Weren't the BE Chips already Unlocked?
  • cletus_slackjawd
    I think the article is referring to the new "Turbo" button that is making a comeback. I think I read somewhere this will be a retro feature to increase performance when needed. I think it is MSI that will start using this feature. What did you guys find so hard to understand about the article?
  • LoboBrancoTimido
    Now lets hope Intel doesn't roadkill the rabbit...
    The Turbo button, now that's a thing I don't miss that at all!

  • Pei-chen
    Do you mean that the CPU speed is depending on the motherboard? For example, a 2.5GHz CPU on an $80 board is 2.5GHz, 2.6GHz on a $150 board and 2.7GHz on a $200 board.
  • onearmedscissorb
    lolocaust on a stick
  • Dalyinx
    yeah. where are these extra pins? are they in the mobos? I don't get it at all.
  • joefriday
    Black Edition Phenom at 2.8GHz? I've heard no word of such a beast. Theo gets too excited. Lay off the AMD Cool Aid.