ARM CEO to Step Down in July

ARM has announced the retirement of long-time CEO Warren East. East has been CEO of ARM for over a decade but the company this week announced his plans to step down from his role as chief executive. ARM said today that East, who joined ARM in 1994 and was named CEO in 2001, will be replaced by Simon Segars come July 1, 2013. 

"It has been a privilege to lead ARM during such a momentous and exciting time for our industry and I am proud of what the ARM team of employees and partners has achieved together while I have been CEO; ARM is a great company with a strong market position and a unique culture," Warren East is quoted as saying. "We take a very long-term view about our business, and we believe that now is the right time to bring in new leadership, to execute on the next phase of growth and to plan even further into the future.  I have worked with Simon in the senior leadership team for many years and we share a global perspective and belief in the ARM approach to partnership and collaboration; he is an excellent choice to lead ARM."

Indeed, the last decade has been a major one for ARM. While the likes of Apple and Samsung fight to be the smartphone industry's top dog, ARM produces chips for millions of smartphones and similar mobile devices around the world. The company has sold more than 900 processor licences to over 300 companies and has shipped 40 billion ARM-based chips to date.

New CEO Simon Segars started at ARM in 1991 and has undertaken a variety of roles over the last 22 years. These include EVP of Engineering, EVP of Worldwide Sales and EVP of Business Development. Segars is currently President of ARM having joined the Board in January 2005, and has operational responsibility for the company’s IP divisions.

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  • greghome
    please, replace him with Adam West :P
  • gofasterstripes
    Someone give this guy a knighthood!
  • ojas
    Huh. When Otellini announced retirement the media made it look like he'd failed at Intel or something.

    I find it interesting, that Otellini and East should chose to step down within a month of each other. It's like they know each other too well, and won't be able to analyze their competitor's successor properly. Or something.
  • pogsnet
    Why Nvidia CEO won't retire?
  • johnalexis