ARM Announces New Mali-T604 Embedded GPU

Over the last couple of years we've been seeing a lot more of ARM thanks to a huge increase in high-powered mobile devices. Already playing a massive role when it comes to powering countless phones, tablets and MIDs, the company yesterday announced its new embedded GPU architecture, the Mali-T604.

Supporting OpenCL 1.1, Direct X and DirectX 11, the Mali-T604 is also designed to meet the increasing demand for GPGPU power and is the first GPU in the Midgard architecture family. It uses a tri-pipe design to optimize performance and flexibility, and ARM claims the Mali-T604 is capable of delivering up to five times the performance of the previous generation Mali-400 GPU.

Samsung, already a licensee of the Mali graphic processor technology, will be the first ARM Partner to gain access to the Mali-T604, but the technology is now available for partners to license.

For more on the Mali-T604, check out ARM's Jem Davies Mali-T604 introduction below.

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  • burnley14
    Hopefully this 5x performance increase doesn't mean 1/5 battery life
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  • selks
    Can't wait to see where ARM is in 5 years.
  • burnley14
    Hopefully this 5x performance increase doesn't mean 1/5 battery life
  • Tomtompiper
    ARM has been working away quietly while Intel, AMD and IBM have been hogging all the limelight. Now that the era of powerful small and efficient processors has dawned ARM has the right business model and the right processors, it can move faster than its competitors and has a ten year lead on them in the fastest growing market on the planet. I would expect Nvidia, AMD and Intel to nibble at the edges of the market, but they will be fighting over the scraps falling from ARM's table.