ASRock's Debuts World's First Thunderbolt-Certified Mobo

So far, many rumors and teasers have surfaced regarding the upcoming Z87 motherboards from numerous manufacturers. Today, we bring you yet another one: ASRock is the first company to get Thunderbolt certification for one of its boards. The motherboard in question is the Z87 Extreme9/ac. While this is not the first we've heard about a motherboard with Thunderbolt, ASRock is the first 8-Series motherboard that has passed the Intel Thunderbolt Certification process.

The Z87 motherboards will all likely be released very soon, in line with Intel's Haswell launch at Computex 2013. ASRock has done a lot to differentiate themselves in the motherboard market, with particular emphasis on its A-Style branding. The A-Style feature set includes five features: Purity Sound, HDMI-In, 802.11ac WiFi, Waterproof by Conformal Coating, and Home Cloud.

ASRock was also the first to get Windows 8 certification for its Z87-Extreme4 motherboard.

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    So what's the difference between a motherboard with Thunderbolt certification and the Ivy Bridge Mobos that had Thunderbolt on them?
  • Chipi
    This is supposed to be the first Z87 Thunderbolt-Certified motherboard (emphasis on Z87), since we already have Z77 certified MBs.
    Another case of journalists not knowing what they hell they copy+paste...
  • tomate2
    what a misleading title