Tom's Guide: Backing Up Your Android Device

Phones these days are less phones and more personal computers that we use to organize and live our lives. Pictures, emails, videos, saved messages, contacts, they're all in our pockets, and we likely don't want to lose them. As such, it stands to reason that we should take as much care to ensure our phones are backed up as we do our PCs. The Tom's Guide team has put together a list of tips for backing up your Android device. Check them out in 'Back Up You Android Device.'

Many diligent users won't skimp when it comes to backing up their desktop machine, but how many can say the same about their phones? Keeping a backup for your Android phone can feel like an unnecessary chore...until disaster strikes. Your device is stolen, you install a bad ROM, or you drop your phone in a puddle, and suddenly, you find yourself in a right fix. Here are a few backup tips, as well as a series of useful Android backup applications for your smartphone or tablet.Backing Up Your Android Device

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