America's Largest Apple Store Opens Its Doors

This morning saw the official opening of Apple’s latest flagship store in downtown Boston. While it’s not the first Apple store in Boston (the Metro Boston has a total of eight), it’s the first brick and mortar Apple shop in the city itself. Located on Boston’s Boylston Street, it’s Apple first store that touts an all glass façade.

The store itself is the largest Apple outlet in the United States with three floors in total; the ground floor covering Macs, the middle floor taking care of iPods, iPhones and accessories and the third floor taking care of services with a more than decent sized Genius Bar designed to help customers with Apple related problems.

According to Vice President of Retail, Ron Johnson, the store could help up to 1,000 people per day, thanks in large part, to the stores late opening hours. According to MacWorld the store also runs training sessions in a studio section located on the third floor.

Aside from the glass and stainless steel spiral staircase, the latest Apple store is also doing it’s best to be as green as possible. Environmentally friendly measures include collecting and filtering rainwater to help the Back Bay’s water table and making use of natural light to heat the building during the winter months. There is also grass on the roof, although we can’t quite figure that one out...

You can call into the store 7 days a week between the hours of 8am to 11pm.

VIDEO: Check out the latest Apple Store