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Apple Cuts Price of Thunderbolt Cable, Adds Shorter Option

Apple peripherals, like all of Apple's products, don't come cheap. It's why it's a good idea to hang onto the cables that come with the product's original purchase, as most of Apple's connectors cost at least $19 to replace.

Apple's Thunderbolt cables, first introduced in 2011 to connect to external peripherals, used to run for $49. The hefty price is matched by its hefty length of 2.0m.

Thankfully, the company's seen fit to slash the prices and the length on its Thunderbolt connectors. Now, a 2.0m Thunderbolt cable costs $39, and the more compact version, sitting at 0.5m is an almost reasonable $29.

Thunderbolt cables can be purchased via the Apple Store here (for the 2.0 m cable) and here (for the 0.5 m cable).

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