Working Apple II Computer Sold For $6,100 on eBay

Macnn reports that an eBay seller from Lebanon, Ohio managed to sell an original and unmodified Apple II computer for $6,100. Naturally the listing has been removed from the auction site, but the computer was reportedly in full working condition and even included the original Integer ROMs at the time of sale.

The Apple II computer originally retailed for a minimum of $1,298 (with 4KB of RAM) back in 1977.

According to the report, the Apple II computer was from a very early production run of 3,000 units and featured a "revision 0" (original design) logic board, a serial number of #2812 and light green expansion slots. The antique computer was never upgraded to display six colors via the Applesoft ROMs in 1979, and was in "excellent cosmetic condition" despite its age.

The machine was largely designed by Steve Wozniak and represented one of the first "complete" pre-assembled computers consumers could buy at the time. As previously stated, this particular unit was believed to be in the early run that took place in Silicon Valley before Apple moved the assembly to Texas. The actual circuit boards were manufactured in Ireland and Singapore.

The auction came to an end on Sunday after a total of six bids. The original starting price was $2,499 USD, but the seller walked away with $6,100 plus the fees for shipping. The winning bid was close to the amount normally seen for original Apple I computers, Macnn said.

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    Wow you can almost buy a macbook Pro for that price
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    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.