Report: Apple to Unveil New iMacs, MacBook

The current chatter coming from the Applerumorama say that we'll see redesigned and updated iMacs in the coming weeks. On top of the new iMacs, word has it we'll see what Apple has planned for the cheapest MacBook on offer, the white, polycarbonate model that has been around since 2006.

Right now, there's very little to go on but apparently those planning to purchase the new version of the white MacBook can look forward to a sleeker, thinner build and the same internal-battery you're used to seeing on the unibody MacBooks. Joy!

Check out the full story on AppleInsider.

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  • burnley14
    Even with the updates, I'll pass.
  • Regulas
    What is up with that crappy white plastic. The black ones were much nicer, same plastic, just in black. I think Apple is afraid to have the black versions because it would probably severely hamper the Aluminum unibody sales.
  • dark_lord69
    Unless the price drops down 80% I won't even consider buying one.