Apple Provides Beautiful Renderings for 'Spaceship' Campus

We first heard about Steve Jobs' plans to redevelop land owned by Apple and build a massive modern office back in June. While Jobs may no longer be with us, Apple still plans to build the office, with the whole thing scheduled for completion in 2015. Though the land, which Apple acquired from HP, is mostly industrial, concrete and asphalt, the company is seeking to completely change the landscape of that area with a large building that Steve Jobs characterized as looking a bit like a spaceship.

This week, CNet reports that Apple recently updated its plans, offering a more detailed view of what the new, donut-shaped campus will look like. As you can see from the plans below, Apple plans to include a lot of grass and trees. There's also a lot of winding pathways running through the campus, presumably because Steve Jobs liked to take long walks while discussing business with colleagues and partners.

The company also submitted some gorgeous renderings to the City of Cupertino, some of which we've posted below.

Hit up for the complete set.

  • Area51
    Its too bad that Jobs never had the opertunity to walk through his vision for Apple campus. :(
  • dennisburke
    Cool. Now it looks like I'll have a place to go to recharge my staff.
  • icepick314
    uhmm....Apple IS a tech/software company, right?

    that looks like a cult HQ....
  • gpog
    icepick314uhmm....Apple IS a tech/software company, right?that looks like a cult HQ....
    How? It looks awesome.
  • anony2004
    Have to say it, with Apple, the future is very much possible...
  • clivene09
  • -Fran-
    Apple Donuts...

    Damn it, I got hungry!

  • gmarsack
    Finally, a vehicle for all the iSheep to flock to and go back to their home world!
  • RogueLegend
    Have to say it, with Apple, the future is very much possible...

    Um, the future is not just ALWAYS possible, but it's guaranteed. The future will arrive any second. Oh look, it's here. And now it's past. But don't worry, here comes another one... Ha! There it is again.

    And all those futures that just passed had nothing to do with Apple.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Geez! That an awful lot of glass walls.