Asus Launching Ion 2 Eee PC in April

Today Digitimes reports that Asus has an Ion 2-based EeePC in the works and is lining it up for an April release.

The news comes as more companies choose to deviate from the once ubiquitous Intel chipset and offer products based on ARM processors and Nvidia's Ion platform.

Details about the Ion 2-based EeePC are scant but DT says Asus plans to launch the netbook as a part of its 12-inch lineup (which is still too big to be a netbook if you ask us), along with AMD Congo-based models due out first in February.

No word on price yet but we'll keep you posted on this one.

  • miloo
    damn i just got my Asus 1201N with Ion1~
  • thatcrazyguy
    Hopefully the ION 2 actually improves performance or reduces the cost of computers running ION gpus and is not a renamed ION 1 since mobile gpus seem to be plagued by naming inflation these days. I will be sure to keep my eyes on the benchmarks and details toms announces in the coming days.
  • dark_lord69
    How much ram? These things need more RAM and a dual core cpu before I buy one.
  • cknobman
    Atom for computers = SUCKS
  • roldy
    ARM cpu? Is it going to be stuck with windows mobile/CE? Did they get a license from intel to run x86 OS's? If not, no desktop windows option, a step back IMO.

    AMD netbooks, now that I'm interested in (even if only to see). Something i may have been interested in buying if I didn't get my acer aspire last year. A little late for me, this little guy will last me quite a while, its all i need when away from my desktop. But the more variety in this space the better (another opinion).

    @homrqt: smell ya later! one nelson quote deserves another
  • Zoonie
    Great! Now make a tablet out of it and I'm in :)
  • rpmrush
    What's the spec on the Arm processor? It's gotta kill the weeny Atom at any rate.
  • jacobdrj
    If the ARM can't run x86, than it does not fulfill the needs of the netbook demographic. The allure of the netbook is it's ability to run basic x86 applications that people already have and are accustomed to in an inexpensive platform. It saves money and adds flexibility with portability that fits a different place in the market than a laptop and a smartphone.
  • zyrumtumtugger
    Yes! Go Nvidia! :D
  • zelog
    There are over 25000 apps for the ARM iPhone OS. Why do netbooks need to run an x86 OS? Just wait 'til Apple releases their tablet, things will change.