Asus P1801 Tablet Outed, Could Run Windows 8 and Android

The Federal Communication Commission has indicated that PC manufacturer Asus could be developing an 18-inch tablet scheduled for a 2013 launch.

The P1801-T model number outed by the FCC may offer a hint to the tablet's screen size. Asus' Eee Slate EP121 was released as a 12-inch tablet, while the firm's Nexus 7 tablet is a 7-inch device built for Google.

Engadget suggested that the P1801-T may be the finalized version of Asus' Transformer AiO, which was unveiled back at Computex during June, 2012, with the tablet being shielded from the media spotlight ever since.

The Transformer AiO itself is a large tablet developed to run two operating systems -- Android as one, and either Windows RT or Windows 8 as the other.

GLBenchmark also added credence to the listing by revealing technical specifications for a P1801 device. The tablet will apparently run on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, as well as being powered by a Cortex A-9 processor, accompanied by a 1920 x 1032 display.

Asus is also rumored to be working on a tablet named ME172V, which is said to be powered by a 800Mhz CPU and 1 GB of RAM.

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  • Onus
    An 18" tablet with that high a resolution is finally approaching the device used by Ender Wiggin. Very nice; if not too expensive I could see a big market for these.
  • WithoutWeakness
    As long as they can keep it reasonably lightweight I can see this as an awesome device to use as a coffee table tablet. Assuming the screen is 1080p and not the odd 1920x1032 it will look great at 18" and could function as both a big portable living room tablet and a nice little All-in-One. The dock seems to have a DVD drive and some USB ports in the photo and I'd love to see it add some cool functionality (additional graphics horsepower, 3.5" drive for mass networked storage, HDMI in to be used as a small monitor). There's a ton of possibilities for a device this large. Hopefully it will be more that just a big Nexus 7 with a dock.

    I'd much rather see it run Windows 8 than Android/RT. The need for dual-boot with Android is unnecessary when you have access to the library of x86 programs available on Windows. Going with Android means you're limited to ARM chips and Windows RT (which, other than Office, doesn't do much compared to Android). This could be the first device to really show off the functionality that Windows 8 added between Modern and Desktop mode.

    And this better have a kickstand of some sort because an 18" tablet is useless if you can't prop it up by itself on a table (without the dock, of course).
  • tanjo
    So, no tablet covers?
  • fuzzion
    This would make for an awesome portable gaming machine.
  • ojas
  • Cryio
    An 18" isn't a tablet.

    And really now, how hard can it be to launch a product with the latest updates on time?

    Android 4.1.2/4.2.0/4.2.1. And even the last update was released a month ago ....
  • kawininjazx
    I imagine a full blown windows 8 OS running like a dog on those specs.
  • razor512
    Awww, I wanted a 27 inch tablet that I could take with me while on the go.
  • notsleep
    your arm would get tired fast playing touch games on that aio. :P
  • drchemist
    Why does all these windows RT machines with ARM processors cost more than $400. They all should be less than that. The atom is still faster and better with overall power management. If you don't believe go and check out the review on Anandtech that shows the Tegra 3 being more power hungry at every step and has less battery life than the atom versions. Intel is fighting a battle against a CPU that is for most cases with instructions and overall performance about 5+yrs behind. The only thing that made it big was the power management but intel has solved that and it has been a pain in their side trying to prove to everyone the myth is false with their new processors.