Report: Asus Contemplating Toshiba Acquisition

An article today on Digitimes cites Chinese-language paper, the Commercial Times, as saying Asustek is contemplating using acquisitions to help reach its 2011 goal. The Commercial Times report claims that Toshiba's notebook division is one of the companies Asus is considering as a take-over target.

Citing Asus Chairman, Jonney Shih, CT says Asus has contacted Toshiba, but according to Shih results are not yet finalized.

Do you think an Asus-owned Toshiba is on the cards? Let us know in the comments below!

Check the full story here.

  • False_Dmitry_II
    Seeing as how major of a motherboard company they are, I'm sure they could pull it off. All new 'Toshiba' notebooks would then have ASUS mobos if they didnt already.
  • lemonade4
    HP - Compaq
    Acer - eMachines - Gateway
    Asus - Toshiba
  • sunflier
    Citing Asus Chairman, Jonney Shih, CT says Asus has contacted Toshiba, but according to Shih results are not yet finalized.

    Whew, good thing there were no typo-s this time.
  • Manos
    Well my opinion is that Toshiba will gain some "character" hardwarewise through it if it happens. Ive alwyas had Toshiba as a company with not ghigh quality or promising hardware company. I wouldnt buy me a Laptop of theirs for example... When Asus have been most my Mobos etc due to quality. An Asus defined Laptop wouldnt sound bad to me. More than that im not capable to comment on as I dont know the actual status of each company.
  • wildwell
    Pretty soon every Windows laptop will be either Asus or Acer!
  • tester24
    In other news today, ASUS stocks went down and Toshiba stocks went up.
  • JohnnyLucky
    Hmmm....I just read a newspaper report indicating Toshiba was using acquisitions. I wonder what's up?
  • Miharu
    ASUS... sometimes "great" hardwares and sometime piece of c***.

    I remember fews parts of hardware I buy from Asus... and I was so desappointed.

    1.AGP Asus ATI 9800 XT. The card just freeze after 1-2 days up. I paid 40$ for return the card to Asus. Few weeks after they return me the card, "We don't find the problem.". Actually, they just connect the card and see something on the screen... NEXT... :(

    2.P5E motherboard (FBS 1333), 2 year after I buy a new CPU Intel E8400 (FBS 1333). The CPU is written in the support list in Asus website so he'll work!. Fact: The Cpu doesn't works on the mb :) Thank Asus.

    3.My bro buy a PCI-E Geforce N6600. I never see a more crappy graphic card... The card doesn't support lastest Geforce drivers. For support Direct X 3D, he need the original drivers from Windows XP disk else the card just freeze in 3D.

    Toshiba is great hardware but you really paid a high price...
  • bedford10
    I disregarded everything you said because your grammar is terrible and a mindfuc* to read.
  • Upendra09
    ^+1 since he said FBS instead of FSB
    u really know what your talking about don't ya

    If Asus took over Toshiba we would lose a very reliable brand but get an even better brand of laptops, However, we would also get premium charges