Autographer Wearable Camera Launches in UK at £400

We first heard about Autographer back in September of 2012. Created by London-based Oxford Metrics Group, Autographer is a hands-free digital camera capable of automatically capturing thousands of photographs throughout the day using its custom wide-angle lens. The device uses a custom 136° eye view 5-megapixel lens, a small GPS unit and five on-board sensors to identify the perfect times to snap photos based on changes in light, color, motion, direction or temperature. While we were intrigued by the concept when we heard about it last year, there was no mention of a price or a release date.

Almost a year on, we have both. According to Engadget, the device will go on sale in the United Kingdom tomorrow, though it won't be cheap. Priced at £400, it's not exactly a small purchase, but if the idea of wearing a camera that 'knows' the best times to take a photo really gets you going, that's what it's going to cost you. The Autographer packs a small OLED display, 8 GB of storage, and Bluetooth and weighs just under 60g.

Oxford Metrics Group (also known as OMG) hasn't offered much in the way of information on international pricing or launch dates. We'll keep you posted, though!

  • amuffin
    Do you have an option to have any sort of "manual" control with it?
  • yannigr
    When you are taking a photo the other can see you doing so. With this camera you are taking thousand photos and the others don't know that. OK with a few hundred police cameras in every corner this doesn't look like something serious, but is it legal to photograph people while they don't know that?
    I think this camera is going to be a massive hit for people who want to take pictures and no one notices them.
  • rwinches
    400 pounds!
    Oh please, so over priced, this makes Apple and Sony seem like bargain brands.
    90 percent of the pics will be useless.
  • eodeo
    OMG! What an acronym!