BBC 'Live Restart' for iPlayer Live Streams

BBC's iPlayer is getting some added functionality that will allow users to both rewind and restart live television via BBC iPlayer without having to first wait for the show to finish. Dubbed Live Restart, the new feature takes the Beeb's iPlayer beyond its catch-up service roots. The broadcaster said that live requests made up 22 percent of iPlayer's requests on the PC in April 2012. This represents an increase of 18 percent compared to the same period last year. 


"We all know how frustrating it is when you're stuck in a traffic jam, or delayed on the tube, missing the critical start of your favourite BBC programme," said Dave Price, Head of BBC iPlayer. "Live Restart solves this by giving audiences control. With one simple click of a button viewers can skip back to the beginning of a live programme, ensuring they never miss a moment of their favourite BBC programmes."

The BBC's Henry Webster added that, unlike traditional PVR systems, there's no need to have been previously watching or recording the show.

"Whenever you join, with one click, viewers can either restart the programme that they are currently watching, or scroll back to watch programmes from the previous two hours."

iPlayer's Live Restart is, for now, only available to those using iPlayer on their PC. Later this year, the BBC will bring Live Restart to BBC iPlayer on mobiles, tablets and internet connected TVs.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    What a brilliant feature! Nearly every time we use iPlayer it's because we've missed the beginning of a show and have forgotten to PVR it. It's always been frustrating when we've missed the start of the program by 10 minutes but then have to wait an hour or two to watch it from the beginning.
  • bv90andy
    Awesome... and the fact that you can skip forwards and backwards wherever you like is even cooler.