BT: Free Premier League Games for Broadband Customers

British Telecom has announced plans to offer BT Sport for free to BT broadband customers, which the company claims is the first time in over 20 years that Premier League matches will be free to watch. That is, free as long as you don't mind/are already paying for broadband with the company.The package will include BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN, which will mean 38 live football matches, up to 69 rugby matches from the Aviva Premiership and live football from several other leagues around the world (including Germany, France, Italy and Brazil), FA Cup ties, the UEFA Europa League, Scottish Premier League plus WTA women's tennis, UFC, and more.

"UK Sports fans have had a rough deal for too long. Many have been priced out of the market but we will change this by giving away BT Sport for free with our broadband. Sports fans are the winners today," said BT chief executive Ian Livingston.

"BT is the home of broadband so the fight for customers will now take place on our own turf. BT Sport will complement our world class fibre network. Customers don't have to take BT Infinity to get BT Sport but we are encouraging them to move onto fibre broadband so they can enjoy the best of both worlds."

BT forked out £738 million for the privilege to air 38 Premier League games per year. Looks like the company is now using those games as a way to lure in broadband customers.

  • bit_user
    It's not actually free - they're just forcing all subscribers to subsidize sports for those who are fans.
    This is one of the main reasons I don't have cable TV. Too many crap "free" channels I'd be forced to subsidize.