Bestofmedia Merges with TechMediaNetwork

TechMediaNetwork, one of the largest and most respected tech and science media companies today announced it is merging with Bestofmedia Group, a global technology publisher and parent company to world-renowned tech publications Tom's Hardware, Tom's Guide and Tom's IT Pro.  The combined company is now the third largest tech media publisher in the U.S., delivering unprecedented value to consumers through a first-of-its-kind integration of Content, Community and Commerce in technology news.


Founded in 2000, Bestofmedia is a top ten global tech publisher, with more than 30 million monthly unique visitors and media properties operating in eight different languages. Its marquee publication, Tom's Hardware, has been delivering quality and authoritative technology content since 1996 and is one of the oldest and most respected tech publications on the Web. The site has recently seen more than 85 percent growth in the U.S., thanks to community platform enhancements and an expanded editorial scope. Its community, combined with that of Tom's Guide, is one of the largest online destinations for tech experts and enthusiasts in the world, with millions of registered members and more than 35 thousand new tech questions answered each month.

TechMediaNetwork is a publisher of high-quality original content with owned and operated web sites and a publisher partner network that is currently the third largest technology news property in the United States.TechMediaNetwork also reaches a vast audience through distribution of its content to major media partners, including Yahoo, CBS News, AOL, Fox News, and MSNBC. Its original content connects consumers to the news, information and reviews they need to know about technology and science – from the amazing technology required to land the Mars Rover on Mars to the most up-to-date expert reviews of the iPhone 5 and Windows 8. TechMediaNetwork staff has reviewed more than 900 categories of products and services at TopTenREVIEWS, and their writers and editors develop news, features and commentary on LAPTOP, TechNewsDaily, BusinessNewsDaily, and LiveScience.

"When looking to increase our U.S. footprint, TechMedia Network immediately jumped to the forefront of potential partners with its growing audience of nearly 50 million monthly unique visitors and impressive content syndication network," said Antoine Boulin, President, Bestofmedia Group. "Its portfolio of award-winning tech and science publications is a natural fit for our sites and the opportunity to marry their e-commerce engine with our world-class communities and our combined content expertise is an exciting prospect for the future of tech media."

Together, TechMediaNetwork and Bestofmedia Group reach a desirable audience of tech and science enthusiasts, IT professionals, tech-curious consumers and in-market shoppers.

 Reader Q&A on the Merge

Q. What does this mean for Tom’s Hardware? 

A. Tom's will continue to operate as it has, as its own entity, the same way it has always been.

Q. What will change, if anything?

A. We'd be bonkers to try and fix what isn't broken. Tom's has been growing by leaps and bounds now for years.  Everything you know and love about Tom's Hardware will be remaining the same. The only change you might see is a greater investment in feature development and a bunch of new content we'll be providing to our readers as a result of the increased resources.

Q. Are the Tom's staff going away or being replaced?

A. See above. There are no plans for that.

Q. Will we be seeing new people?

A. Tom's Hardware is set to grow, so we’ll be adding capacity as we look forward to the future.

Q. What about editorial integrity?  Will advertisers be running the show?

A. Tom's Hardware works great right now, and there are no plans to make any compromises or give up the ghost on any of our hard-won journalistic integrity that has taken decades to build.  Of note, our partner in the merger, TechMediaNetwork, is very interested in investing in Tom's Hardware to do some of the bigger things our users have been asking for, and we're really looking forward to what we'll be able to show you along those lines.

Q. Does this mean that Tom's is no longer French?

A. Tom’s was never French.  It began in Germany as Tom’s Hardware Guide, and has always operated in multiple languages.  The parent company, Bestofmedia, has been French between 2007 and 2013.  Now the parent company will be American, but the Bestofmedia team remains in place with the new company.

Q. Will TechMediaNetwork sites be competing with Tom's for users/readers?

A. Not at all. Our greater scale gives us access to more products, more content and better coverage.  We'll be expanding our Mobile, Software and Car Tech coverage and availability.

Q. Will I have to register at TechMediaNetwork sites to continue using Tom's?

A. Nope! There are no changes to the current registration/membership setup.

Q. So, for readers, it's pretty much a formality?

A. Pretty much!  Impact to users is minimal, if any at all.  In time, you'll see more content coming your way, but beyond that, there's no change to your source for tech news on the web.

Tom's Hardware News Team

Tom's Hardware's dedicated news crew consists of both freelancers and staff with decades of experience reporting on the latest developments in CPUs, GPUs, super computing, Raspberry Pis and more.

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    A. We'd be bonkers to try and fix what isn't broken"

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    A. We'd be bonkers to try and fix what isn't broken"

    you have obviously not used the comment system lately

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    Dear Tom's Staff: I've read Tom's since the old days (i.e. probably about 15 years). I wish you well on this transition, thank you for the great coverage, and credit Tom's for helping transform popular PC & tech journalism.
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