Thermaltake Announces New Bigwater 760 Pro Cooler

Thermaltake has announced a new addition to its Bigwater line of coolers. Dubbed the Bigwater 760 Pro, the cooler boasts a dual drive bay design as well as a new aluminum fan radiator design that promises superior performance compared to older models. The 760 Pro also features the same front fan control we saw with the Bigwater 760 Plus.


The Bigwater 760 Pro's ultra quiet P500 pump boasts a max capacity of 500L/hr of water and measures 75mm x 70mm x 75mm mm (LxWxH). The fan is a 12V, 120mm affair with speeds of 1600 to 2400 RPM, a 30,000 hour life expectancy, and that front fan control we mentioned earlier. Thermaltake has also added a clear liquid level indicator to the water reservoir to make it easier to read liquid levels.


Compatible with AMD socket FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2 and Intel socket LGA 2011, 1366, 1155, 1156, 1150, and 775, the Bigwater 760 Pro's release date and price aren't yet known, but we'll keep you posted on that one.

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  • neon neophyte
    seems like a poor location to put the rad
  • f-14
    that is a garbage product, it exhausts the hot air right into the case.
  • edogawa
    This looks absolutely terrible, how is the hot hair supposed to exhaust properly, into the front of the case? The colour of that tubing looks visually disgusting too.
  • mrdowntownkiller
    big fail
  • jgutz2006
    looks like the "test case" has a couple of large exhaust fans at the top...
  • rantoc
    With case top mounted fans, it should be no huge deal even if it exhausts the heated air inside the case. Especially the case types who have the mobo in the bottom with a psu/air zone above it - But yeah, ideally it should have exhausted the hot air on the outside near no intake fan.
  • jcurry23
    don't buy it