Bing is Growing Out of Beta Too

Following the July 1 promise that it would start bringing full versions to users in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, and the UK up to U.S. level, UK product manager at Microsoft, Ian Moulster, has provided some more details on wrote on when Microsoft will roll out the “full service” in the UK, giving them a version of Bing that is closer to what U.S. users are currently using.

“When was announced recently you may recall that while a full service was made available immediately in the US, a more limited beta service was provided in the UK while the team built out some UK-specific features so that the UK experience could be made as compelling as possible.”

Moulster went on to say that a little later in the summer we’ll see “some of the categorization introduced, paving the way for the “full blown” bing experience with beta tag removal following that by a few months.” We can only assume the same goes for Japanese, Chinese, Australian and Canadian versions of the search engine so those of you who haven't made your mind up about the search, er, decision making engine, can finally take the complete version for a test drive. The news is slightly overshadowed by the fact that Google Apps (Gmail, Gtalk, Google Calendar and Google Docs) is finally losing its own beta tag.

Read more about Gmail’s beta tag removal here and check out Ian McMoulster’s blog here.

  • stryk55
    I have been pleasantly surprised with MS's newest foray on the web. I quite frequently use bing and have had very few complaints. Maybe Google shouldn't worry, but if anyone else is like me, I would say that my use of Google has really declined since I started using bing.
  • fazers_on_stun
    ^ +1. Exactly my scenario as well. MS seems to have finally gotten search right, after years of trying, and they didn't even have to buy Yahoo to do it :D.
  • dafin0
    im hoping that the Australian version comes out of beta soon, there is a fair bit of it missing:
  • acecombat
    I find bing better but I keep typing google into my browser window because of stupid habit fingers :P
  • Wayoffbase
    I actually find the commercials for it entertaining, but I keep forgetting to actually use it. Google is my default in FF and opera, too easy to just use the default.
  • silversurfernhs
    more random results than before (with google)
    and less functionality
    MS, Send it back to Internal Alpha please
  • eddieroolz
    Doesn't change a thing for me, I'm still a Bing, not Google.
  • nirvanabah
    wall of pr0n = epic win MS!