Budget iPhone Render Hints at Future Design

While not officially from Apple itself, MacRumors has rendered representation of how the upcoming iPhone could look -- specifically, the much anticipated budget version of the phone. Recent information and photo leaks pertaining to the phone were taken into consideration with the CGI, meaning that what you see below could ultimately be how the budget iPhone will look.

The phone would be constructed of thicker ABS (a very tough and durable plastic) instead of the aluminum and glass casing of the iPhone 5. Due to the boring color of plastic, Apple will also be offering the phone in several pretty colors, including white, lime-green, blue, yellow and red. As the phone aims at delivering a cheaper version of the company's upcoming flagship phone, Apple will be cutting back on the display resolution and the amount of RAM, along with the cheaper build material. The render also shows the phone running iOS 7, which was announced in June but has not been released. 

While this could likely be the next iPhone's budget version, these renderings could be completely inaccurate. So while hope remains for the first mid-range priced iPhone, all of this should be taken lightly. We are very excited by the idea of a plastic build iPhone, but the choice of ABS plastic is most intriguing. The smartphone would be made of the same materials as Lego. While the plastic is recyclable, it is also soluble in acetone, can be damaged by unfiltered sunlight, and at high enough temperatures (reachable by camp fires) will melt, boil and violently combust. We hope that Apple engineers the bodies accordingly, as opposed to just fiddling with the operating temperatures and conditions.

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  • adimeister
    Iphone budget version, which costs about $500 and have the specs of a $200 android phone. pfft
  • back_by_demand
    Can melt, boil and violently combust? So how is it different from the normal iPhone?
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  • hagjohn
    Looks good. I put a cover on my phones anyway, so who cares.
  • jk_ventolero
    "The smartphone would be made of the same materials as Lego."

    Haha! Well, at least it won't feel like hell if you step on one of these phones.
  • BringMeAnother
    Really? No black? I guess they really want you to broadcast to the world hey look, I've got the budget one.