Corsair Announces the K70 Mechanical Keyboard

The Corsair Vengeance K70 mechanical keyboard is based on a brushed aluminum chassis that will be available in two color and backlighting variants: silver with blue lighting and anodized black with a red backlight. The keyboard is fully mechanical and features Cherry MX switches, a 100% anti-ghosted matrix, 20 key roller, and a 1,000 Hz reporting rate that are intended to deliver "fast, accurate input for gaming." For an additional level of customization, 10 additional contoured and colored keycaps are included that can replace the default numbers one through six and WASD keys on the keyboard.

Corsair also notes that each key features an individual backlight that allows the backlighting to be adjusted through both four distinct brightness levels as well as on a key-by-key basis. These settings can also be saved directly onto the K70's onboard memory, which will allow users to store their preferences without requiring proprietary software to be installed.

Also included are dedicated media keys, a USB connector, and a removable soft-touch wrist pad that is advertised to provide "comfort for long gaming or typing sessions."

The Corsair Vengeance K70 mechanical keyboard will be formally unveiled during PAX East from March 22 to March 24, 2013 and is expected to release in April 2013 with a retail price of $129.99. Further information is available on Corsair's website.

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  • Juan Paul
    I personally dislike it
  • SneakySnake
    What kind of cherry switches? They've used red in the past, which I really don't like. Give me brown or blue switches
  • alidan
    doesn't look all that bad, i wouldn't get it, as i want plate mounted mechanical, but its not as bad as some i have seen
  • Elwenil
    SneakySnakeWhat kind of cherry switches? They've used red in the past, which I really don't like. Give me brown or blue switches
    Their site says they are Cherry MX Red switches.
  • w0_od
    Looks good, the individual backlighting will be fun to play with. Wonder if one day they will do an ergo mechanical board
  • chumly
    No macro keys and a price point almost 50% higher than the competition. Next.
  • SirTrollsALot
    I have this board with the Macro keys on left side. Its solidly built. The only gripe I've had is the weak plastic on the wrist rest that attaches to keyboard, mine have broke. I game on my lap sitting on a bean bag, so from constant moving around I figure it was bound to happen... Also its sustained plenty of rage quits, masterbation, and silly fits with plenty of beer! Holds up well!!!
  • $130 for a keyboard? Too bad you can't buy skill.
  • hero1
    Is it fully mechanical or is partially mechanical? There's a difference you know like K90 being partially mechanical and Logitech 710+ being fully mechanical. We need more info on this kind of things.
  • vestibule
    sublime2k$130 for a keyboard? Too bad you can't buy skill.
    A skilled gamer would notice a significant difference between an average rubber dome KB and a great mechanical KB. Mostly depending on the game, strafe jumping in Quake Live is much harder on a cheap rubber dome KB.

    Besides that, I've spilled beer on my Ducky Shine twice and it still works perfectly fine. It was completely filled with beer for hours while on/lit the first time. As long as you get one of the best mech KB's they should last decades.