Chris Roberts 'Floored' Over Star Citizen Reception

Chris Roberts, the mastermind behind the Wing Commander series, finally revealed his newest entry into the PC gaming arena on Wednesday after a ten-year absence. Called Star Citizen, it's an ambitious MMO, a project Roberts said he wanted to do with the Wing Commander franchise but lacked the actual technology back in the 1990s.

Like Mojang, Chris Roberts has figured out that the future of PC gaming as a thriving platform relies on the independent developer. Crowd funding also seems to be the future, pulling in financial resources from fans and potential customers rather than relying on publishers who will want their huge cut of the revenue.

That said, Star Citizen is taking the crowd funding route, but instead of relying on third-party sites like Kickstarter, Chris Roberts is taking pledges directly from the Star Citizen website. Only there's one problem: the surge in interest over his latest space sim on Wednesday crashed the custom crowd funding page as well as the core community site. Until then, he said they were on track to break crowd funding records – no surprise there, honestly.

"Now, thirty hours later, we're only just getting the core site back online," Roberts reports. "The proper crowd funding page is still unfortunately down, but we have a backup site that, while not having the full range of features we intended, can take people’s pledges. With this site we have to update the data manually as there is no way to easily collect the crowd funding statistics on a live basis, which is why you haven’t seen a counter on the backup site. We are working very hard to get the main crowd funding plug in to play nice with the rest of the site, so we can deliver the seamless experience we envisioned when opting to have the crowd funding integrated into the main community site."

No one has lost their "golden ticket", he said. Everyone who makes a pledge on the backup site is connected to their community account.

"We didn't just set out to raise money to build a game; we set out to build a community," he adds. "The intention was never to shut off the forums, disable the Golden Tickets or stop the flow of information after the launch; anything but. We hope you'll bear with us as we get the community back online. The features you've enjoyed for the past month will continue -- the Comm-Link, RSI Museum and Time Capsule -- along with much more information about Star Citizen and chances to interact with its development team. As we move forward in this endeavor, you are our strongest asset; a vanguard of dedicated fans who will help us build and promote this game."

"We still have a ways to go but I have no doubt with your support we will get there. This is our chance to tell the world: PC gaming and space sims are BACK!" he said.

For more information about Star Citizen, head here.

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  • benji720
    I have never been a fan of MMOs. My best friend has been the lead graphics programmer on a few of the bigger ones, but even tempted by free subscriptions to them, they still have not appealed to me. This actually piques my curiosity. I still remember staying up late running one more mission in Privateer.
  • confish21
    release date?
  • bluekoala
    Did PC gaming ever go away?
    Or did the console just dilute the lines so much by building closed ecosystems with PC parts?
  • DeadNetwork
    confish21release date?
    Website mentions x-mas 2014
  • I got a feeling tha this is just a publisher relying on crowd funding...hope not.
  • Kami3k
    hopenotforrealI got a feeling tha this is just a publisher relying on crowd funding...hope not.
    Uh, what? I suggest you read the article.
  • bryonhowley
    Well I really liked Wing Commander and would have looked forward to see what Chris Roberts would do if he had the chance to make another one but have absolutely no interest in any MMO ever no matter who makes it.
  • abbadon_34
    as much as i love wing command and his pc dedication, i'm glad the site crash prevented me from donating now that i read more: server side only. maaaaaaaybe future private servers. sounding more like always-connected DRM to me ):
  • bustapr
    well, I must say Ive never been interested in MMOs either. But if you see that promo video, I really believe most pc gamers here will be saying "shut up and take my money!". the dude apparently wants to make this a high end pc game, and the prototype level and trailer looked damn good. and thats only predevelopement advertisement demo visuals.

    Their really not shitting when they say this game is ambitious.
  • jkflipflop98
    bluekoalaDid PC gaming ever go away?Or did the console just dilute the lines so much by building closed ecosystems with PC parts?
    I don't know about you, but the last real made-for-PC game I can remember playing is Crysis. Everything else since then has been console-level stuff.