This Interactive Whiteboard Has a Built-In Core i5-based PC

Panasonic on Monday introduced the new Panaboard UB-T880 Series of interactive whiteboards that come packed with an embedded PC featuring a 2.5 GHz Intel i5-2520M processor. Panasonic said its new board is ideal for lectures and presentations in classrooms or corporate boardroom environments, but can it play Crysis? You bet.

The company said the new Panaboard UB-T880 Series of interactive whiteboards is offered in two sizes: a widescreen 86-inch diagonal viewing surface and a 77-inch surface with 3:4 aspect ratio. The PC component includes HD audio, HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet outputs, 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity and Windows 7. The boards also have their own IP addresses so that users can email content directly to the device.

"With the ability to deploy software prior to delivery, the Panaboards are the ultimate plug-and-play solution, offering fewer wires and a simple setup," the company said. "The Panaboard UB-T880 Series with embedded PC offers additional versatility benefits, as the optional mobile cart allows users to roll the board into the next room and the PC moves with it, eliminating the need to unplug and carry a separate computer or install software on multiple PCs."

The Panaboards feature a multi-touch surface and simultaneous operation to promote collaboration, the company said. It also supports dynamic image control, allowing the user to move, scale and rotate content directly on the board. There's also a Presenter Pen that allows users to switch between four marker and three highlighter colors, as well as an eraser tool.

As for the PC component's specs, it features 4 GB of DDR3 (800 MHz – 1333 MHz) memory, expandable to 8 GB. There's also embedded Intel HD Graphics, a 320 GB 2.5-inch HDD (7000 RPM), and VGA output. There are also two USB 2.0 ports, a line out 3.5-mm audio jack, a mic-in 3.5-mm audio jack, and built-in stereo speakers.

The UB-T880 Series with embedded PC will be available through authorized Panasonic retailers beginning February 1, 2013. There will be two models for each size: the 86-inch UB-T880WPCE for $5,000, the 86-inch UB-T880WPC for $4,700, the 77-inch UB-T880PCE for $4,400, and the 77-inch UB-T880PC for $4,250.

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  • curnel_D
    So... it can't actually play Crysis then. Why, Kevin, why?
  • Potato13
    haha, imagine if there was a good gpu in this and you were a teacher on your lunch break :) Might even motivate some gamers to become teachers lol
  • calmstateofmind
    This would be great for a corporate setting.
  • esrever
    It still looks as boring as any other whiteboard.
  • A Bad Day
    curnel_DSo... it can't actually play Crysis then. Why, Kevin, why?
    Crysis Slideshow Edition!
  • Shin-san
    Apparently it can play Crysis on low
  • GabZDK
    That may be the best "Can it play Crysis?" that I have ever seen
  • drapacioli
    Technically integrated graphics are enough for bare minimum in most games...I wouldn't want that experience though, I'll stick to my gaming rig, much as I'd like an all-in-one with an 86" screen :P
  • sixdegree
    I'm waiting for the AMD version with twice as much cores and 50% higher Ghz. Also, with starting price at $4250, it's not gonna fly of the shelves anytime soon.
  • fnh
    Enterprise solutions are enterprise-priced.

    That said, I've seen lecturers struggle using advanced digital whiteboards, I'm suspecting increasing features without making it intuitive will inevitably lead to underutilisation.