Crysis 2 Gameplay Shown at GDC 2010

Gaming site 1UP posted a new video of Crysis 2 in action over on its website. The clip was filmed (or "shaky cam"-ed) during GDC 2010 as EA and Crytec were showcasing CryEnigne 3's capabilities via a promotional trailer. While 1UP's video isn't exactly HD quality, it does (finally) gives fans a little taste of what is to come.

The real-time lighting aspect was impressive to say the least, bringing virtual New York to life with uber-realistic imagery thanks to dynamic time of day (watch how the sunlight moves across the scenery), deferred lighting, and color grading. Crytec definitely wasn't kidding when it said the graphics would be better than the original-- it literally dazzles.

Of course, the gameplay was the meat of this clip, sporting the game's cool destructible environment in an explosive way. Procedural destruction, procedural deformation, and integrated physics were just a few of the facets on display. The clip also briefly demonstrated the game's advanced AI with features such as a dynamic cover system and hit reactions.

Other CryEngine 3 items showcased in the clip included facial animations, as seen in the image to the top right, which looked incredible, fleshy, almost human. Crytec also offered a small demonstration on how the editor will come into play when making maps for multiple platforms.

For more, go check out Crysis 2 in action over at 1UP.

  • ttangx
    Cool, it's coming out this year (hopefully) so we'll all be able to take a look at it in a few months.
  • danielmastia
    I hope the statement they made about requierements it's true. I'd hate to have to wait a year or two to be able to play it properly
  • Parsian
    This game will look better despite what people uniformly say
  • shin0bi272
    that looked pretty good for console footage. The "destructible environments" were a little lacking in the destruction though IMHO. I liked the hit reactions. That was something that Ive always said was missing in so many games. You arent gonna get shot even with body armor on and not react to it but in games guys just keep running till they die.
  • XD_dued
    Bleh console.
  • kyosho
    The one video clip on the pc in there looked amazing. We'll see...
  • PhoneyVirus
    I need something like this to make the gaming spirit come back, not that Bioshock 2 or C&C 4 cant.
  • tacoslave
    I hope that the pc version has a very high option that makes it look better than on a ps3.
  • idisarmu
    tacoslaveI hope that the pc version has a very high option that makes it look better than on a ps3.
    ...probably just higher resolution textures, greater LOD reduction distance/more objects in your FOV at all times, and more aggressive tesselation (I guess that fits in with LOD, but oh well) That is fine by me though, as long as the models and maps aren't super low-poly and the textures and lighting are good, I'm happy.... for now.
  • dstln
    Game looks like it has the ability to be genuinely great, here's hoping. And I have faith in them to give the PC version what it deserves :P