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An Eyeful of Samsung's 55-inch Stunning Curved OLED TV

CES is filled with wonderful products. Walking the show floor, it's very easy to get desensitized. You're seeing everything from cars, to PCs, to tablets. It's a complete overload at times. Still, there's always something to pull you out of your funk. Those stand out products that you just cannot ignore. Among them was Samsung's curved OLED TV. Aside from the fact that Samsung's booth is completely unmissable thanks to its size (Samsung County feels roughly like the size of Rhode Island), there were a ton of people at the booth. Many of them were there to gawk at Samsung's 55-inch OLED curved TV.

We fought our way through the crowds to get a look at this beautiful TV. The idea behind the curved design is to improve viewing angles as well as the general viewing experience by offering a panoramic effect. The fact that it's an OLED display, with deep blacks and bright, vivid colors, also doesn't hurt. Samsung had the TV safely stowed behind some ropes, refusing to let us look with our hands as well as our eyes. Still, we did get some pictures. Check them out below but try not to get too attached. Samsung didn't mention a release date or a price (heck, the company didn't actually talk about the exact size in any official capacity, either, but 55 inches is the number doing the rounds in the press room). Suffice to say, it will probably cost a boatload as well as your first born.

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