Create Your Own Custom, Colorful Mechanical Keyboard

There are hundreds of different mouse designs out there featuring a countless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and even illumination, but mechanical keyboards are a different story. Although there are a good number of quality mechanical keyboards out there, none of them offer the complete customization that the V1 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by WASD Keyboards does.
The V1 Custom Keyboard lets you choose exactly what appears on each and every key of the keyboard. You can choose a custom font or even upload your own custom images that will be laser etched or engraved into the keys. You can also choose the color of the keys and the type of Cherry MX switch the keyboard will be using. For those who are worried about waking the house up with furious keyboard strokes while gaming in the middle of the night, WASD also offers a sound dampener that doesn't compromise the tactile response of the keyboard.
Depending on how much you want to customize your keyboard, the price of the V1 starts at $140 USD. Head on over to WASD Keyboards to create your very own V1 Keyboard and view a gallery of user-submitted designs. The company also sells a semi-custom version of the V1 starting at $120 USD which still comes with plenty of customization.

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  • JasonAkkerman
    I'll stick with my original G15, at least until the WASD keys completely fade away. It has been a great key board.
  • welshmousepk
    i would really like to see the option of different switches for different keys. having the wasd and 1-4 keys as reds, with everything else as black would be awesome for gaming.
    or even better, how about some sort of switch system to adjust the resistance of the switches so you can switch between black or red?
    that would be awesome. though probably impossible..
  • bennaye
    ctrl-c & v
    ctrl-shift-n, ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg

    the only keys you need in life.