AMD Reveals Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI

Tuesday AMD announced that various technology partners will soon release a certified Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter. The dongle will be virtually inexpensive, retailing for $30 USD. For owners of the Radeon HD 5000 series, this will allow for a third DVI-based display to connect via the card's DisplayPort.

According to AMD, the new dongle will expand the Eyefinity ecosystem to include a large number of LCD monitors with DVI connectors and resolutions up to 1920 x1200.

"This encompasses the vast majority of monitors sold today, with many models available for well under $200 each," the company said. "Now, Eyefinity multi-monitor solutions are within reach of virtually everyone, from die-hard gaming enthusiasts to individuals wanting more screen real estate to improve workflow."

Along with AMD's announcement, SAPPHIRE also revealed its Single Link DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter. "Used with a DP equipped SAPPHIRE HD 5000 series graphics card, this enables landscape Eyefinity modes of up to 5760 x 1200, including 5760 x 1080 with widescreen monitors, as well as portrait modes of up to 3600 x 1920," the company said.

Unlike previous active adapter solutions--which required an additional power source and was deemed somewhat expensive for those not looking for higher resolutions--the new dongle will be completely plug and play. Although AMD did not list the "technology partners" lined up to distribute the dongle, the company currently directs users to Wieson's online shop here.

Accell also announced its AMD-certified UltraAV Active DisplayPort to DVI and Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapters which can be found here.

  • Trueno07
    It's about time.
  • Marco925
    Sounds useful for alot of people who don't have Displayport equipped monitors
  • scook9
    these should come bundled free with the video cards....$30 is not inexpensive for a cable!
  • xpgamer
    Hooray now I won't be so frustrated when I try to attach 3 monitors to my computer ^_^. Nah, I'm still frustrated about it >.
  • COLGeek
    "The dongle will be virtually inexpensive, retailing for $30 USD" as opposed to being just plain ol' inexpensive? Poorly worded, but looks like a useful dongle to dangle off the GPU.
  • nforce4max
    Finally,it took long enough.
  • IzzyCraft
    The dongle will be virtually inexpensive, retailing for $30 USD.
    Now, Eyefinity multi-monitor solutions are within reach of virtually everyone
    And i Virtually agree with you.

    Funny how a small modifier makes something somewhat honest into a some what desperate statement.

    9237422 said:
    Finally,it took long enough.
    This should have been there as a day 0 release... and i think no one would disagree with that.
  • descendency
    The dongle will be virtually inexpensive, retailing for $30 USD.

    LOL, no.
  • MadAdmiral
    "Eyefinity multi-monitor solutions are within reach of virtually everyone."

    Are they serious? I don't consider 200 bucks per monitor for three monitor and three DisplayPort adapters at 30 bucks each (that' $660 total) within reach of everyone. You'd need to spend a good $1,000 to even get a system that's powerful enough to use all the monitors. For a grand total of close to $1,700, who are they kidding that everyone can afford that? Maybe MORE people can afford it now, but to say virtually every one can is insane.
  • Travis Beane
    My active DP to DVI dongle is a piece of junk. Sapphire support has not responded to me. The video corrupts and randomly turns off every couple minutes. It is no longer usable.
    I bought it in Canada, were a Sapphire branded variant was all I could find. It was $150. My 5770 only cost $180.

    I, for one, just wish they put 3 damned Mini DVI ports on the card with 3 DACs.
    I no longer use triple monitor. Do to the massive amount of game support (do I have to .ini and hex edit files just to play at my own resolution???), the still massive bezels on monitors (if I was afraid of roommates destroying my monitors, I would have chopped the sides of them off with a dremel), the insanely expensive adaptors (which initially weren't available in Canada, and all US retails wouldn't ship them to Canada, and when Sapphire started selling them to Canada, they charged a lot more) etc etc.
    One monitor is hooked to my xbox, another to my ps3, and the last to my computer. My $150 adaptor sits unused.

    This should be a $5 adaptor, and should come with every new card. It's the least they can do.